Cee’s Black and White Challenge -Animals

This week’s challenge from Cee calls for photographs of animals in Black and White or Sepia.  Here is my contribution.

2010-10-12 007 Leopard Earl

Leopard in Kruger National Park 

IMG_2170 - Copy

Mom and Pup – Spotted Hyaena  – Kruger National Park


Male Lion – Kruger National Park


Lioness – Kruger National Park


Addo Elephant Park


Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park


Share Your World – 18 June 2018

Here is my response the the questions posed by Cee this week

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? Sushi? Scotch Tape?

Money would be good!   How lovely to think that such a resource would never run out no matter how much you spend.


Teleportation or flying?

I’m not a fan of air travel.  I think we as a species are insane getting into a great big tube of metal that flies through the air with no safety net to catch us if we fall!  However, we are a trusting bunch and in order to travel long distances we believe the stats that say it’s the safest form of travel.
Now teleportation appeals to me because it’s so quick.  How would it work?   Would you go to a teleportation port where there would be hundreds of portals taking you to different destinations?  Would you buy a portal ticket to Timbuktu or The North Pole or wherever you wanted to go?   Would you simply show your passport and pass through your selected portal and hey presto find yourself in some amazing place?   Beam me up, Scottie!

comics 51_en

Would you rather live where it only snows or the temperature never falls below 100 degrees?

Where I live the if the temperature drops below 10 degrees C we think we might die!  So permanent cold is not for me.  However, I love snow – it’s so pretty.  It’s fun to visit snowy places – but to live there permanently – NO WAY.  I don’t want to have to shovel my garden path or drive way before I could move from my house.  And I don’t want to have to put on layers and layers of warm clothing just to survive the sub zero temperatures outdoors.

100 degrees Fahrenheit is definitely more my style.  I am often in the African Bush in summer and it can get hotter than that.  It is way easier managing the heat that it is managing the cold!


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Late Saturday afternoon The Earl spotted a white bunny in our garden.  Clearly he was somebody’s lost pet but he wouldn’t allow himself to be caught!  He disappeared under our shed so we left some carrots out and hoped we could get him the next day. Well in the morning we found he’d been joined by another one! They were really cute and my veggie patch provided them with plenty to snack on!

I posted on our local community page on Facebook and printed out a poster to put up at the supermarket.  And on Sunday evening we got a call.   It wasn’t the first time they’d escaped and their human said, “Clearly they want to be free.   I think I should just let them be.”

On Monday there was no sign of them at first but we spotted them in the back neighbour’s garden which is the house right opposite their human’s.  Today one was back in our garden.  So we’re just going to look after them when they’re here.  Hopefully they’re savvy enough to keep out of reach of the neighbourhood dogs!



Stream of Consciousness – Reservation

This week’s Stream of consciousness prompt is Reservation

In the past few weeks I have made a few reservations.  I have made several reservations for an overseas trip to England and Europe in August.  I have reserved several camp sites for the trip we’re taking to Namibia in November.  I have reserved an apartment for my college reunion in Grahamstown in December.

It is usually advisable to make table reservations at a good restaurant if you don’t want to face being turned away when you arrive. The Black Marlin near Simonstown may be an exception. It is an upmarket restaurant but due to its remote location it is not busy, at night, during the winter. You would think that such places would slack off during the off-season – but not The Black Marlin.   Four of us were the only patrons there on Monday night.  I made the reservation for Carrol’s 75th birthday. She and her hubby live nearby so it made sense to give the place a try.  It was a good decision and although we were the only patrons we received excellent service and a fantastic meal.


Another meaning of the word reservation is a stretch of land reserved for the conservation of wild life.  Now this is my favourite meaning of the word.  Living in Africa, I frequently make reservations to visit such places.  The wild creatures roam free, hunt their own food and have little human intervention.


If you have any reservations about visiting an African country – remember that no place on earth is absolutely safe.  Take the correct precautions, take a chance and make a reservation to visit the most exciting place on earth.



Share Your World – 11 June 2018

Here is my late contribution to this week’s Share Your World from Cee

If you could choose any person from history to be your imaginary friend, who would it be and why?

When I was about ten years old I read the story of Helen Keller in a school reading book.  Since then I have been fascinated by how she was taught and how she managed to achieve great success in life in spite of being both blind and deaf.   When I studied teaching I was inspired by her teacher, Annie Sullivan.  What dedication she had to her pupil.   So I think I would like to be friends with them both.


Helen Keller

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s: Which decade do you love the most and why?

I turned eight in 1960 and so most of my youth was spent as a child of the sixties.   We were the Baby Boomers.  A lot changed in the sixties and I’m glad I wasn’t born any earlier.  I loved the freedom I had as a child and the opportunities I had as a young adult.  Also the music was the best and the fashions – well – crazy!


Twiggy – Fashion Icon of the Sixties

They were certainly good years but I’m very happy to be in the technical age in which we now live.   I had the best from both worlds.


When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?

I hope that those who know me will remember me as being fun to be with.  I hope the kids I taught will have happy memories of their year in my class. I don’t want my own children/grandchildren to be sad when I’m gone.  I want them to say – Gran had a good life and I want them to laugh when they remember things I said or did!


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I smiled when I met two young German exchange students.  They were so refreshing and great fun to be with.  I appreciate the girl bonding time I had with Meghan and Sandy this past weekend.  Thanks girls for a fabulous time in Hermanus.



Hermanus Weekend

Friday, 08 June 2018

The Earl drove me to Hermanus this morning.  The plan was for me to spend a girls’ weekend with Meghan while he and Tommy would have a boys’ weekend in Struisbaai.  Tom and Earl are old friends who need to catch up from time to time!

Once I was settled into the lovely holiday home we girls had for the weekend, the guys hit the road back to Struisbaai.   After they left, Meg and I went to have her car washed, do a bit of shopping and have a coffee at The Running Rabbit.

A little later another of Meg’s friend’s Sandy arrived with two German exchange students, Lici and Lina. Meg is hosting Lici and she’d brought her friend along with her.

Lici is 15 and is in Grade 10 at Bergvliet High School. Lina is 17 and in Grade 11. Lina is from Berlin and Lici from Munich.   It was so interesting chatting to them about their impressions of a South African High School.

Lina is the product of a Montessori school and has a happy relationship with her teachers.  The approach to learning is more relaxed there than it is here. The emphasis is on teaching the child rather than the curriculum. There is a close relationship between learner and teacher and they are allowed to progress at their own pace.  Lici on the other hand finds school here less strict than the private school she attends back home. They both find it really strange and annoying to have to wear a school uniform! Back home they can wear make-up and any clothing they like to school.  But in spite of the differences they are both very happy at Bergvliet.


Meg’s Holiday Home in Hermanus

Before dinner Meg and I went with Sandy to walk her beautiful black lab. We laughed when he poohed on command.


We went as far as a lookout place where we could see the sea then walked back.


Meg had a goulash ready for heating and we served it with pasta, spinach that I’d made and green beans.


Lici, Lina, Meg and Sandy

Saturday, 09 June 2018

The girls were up early and went for a walk. Sandy went to Stanton to meet an old friend. Meg and I had brekkie together and shared our superior wisdom of how to solve the problems of all our friends and family – LOL

Later the girls made the most delicious carrot cake muffins which Meg iced with cream cheese frosting.


The muffins in the foreground – Sandy cooking chicken curry for dinner while Meg cheers her on

It rained hard in the afternoon so after indulging in my spinach quiche for lunch we all sat in front of the fire and played Rummikub. The girls were Ace at it but we soon caught on.  It was great fun.


Lici gets a massage from Lina before we start the game


Rummikub in front of the fire


Lina has a good hand


Sunday, 10 June 2018

Meg made her delicious fruity oats for breakfast, Sandy supplied croissants and we all sat down to enjoy it.    The men arrived around 11 and had some too.

Meg had to go off to meet a friend for lunch so the rest of us piled into the Everest and went exploring Hermanus.

Our first stop was Hoy’s Koppie. It is an isolated hill rising approximately 75 metres above sea-level. In the mid-19th century, the early inhabitants of the town called it Klip Kop (stone hill).


The steep steps up to the top of Hoy Koppie


Tom and The Earl 


The View

Tom had researched the story of Hoy Koppie and shared his knowledge with us.

Sir William Hoy, who was born in Scotland, was head of the Cape and SA Railways in the early 1900s. He spent frequent holidays in Hermanus and loved the relaxed lifestyle. He frequently climbed the koppie to admire the views across Walker’s Bay.

In 1912, he vetoed the building of a rail line to Hermanus. Sir Hoy died at the age of 62 in 1930. It was his wish to be buried at the summit of his favourite hill. A contour path was constructed and his fishermen friends carried his coffin up for burial in a hollow that was blasted out of the rock for this purpose.

Five years later Lady Gertrude Hoy died in England.  Her body was placed in a lead coffin and shipped back to South Africa.  Twenty fisherman carried the heavy coffin up the koppie and buried her beside her husband.  The Hermanus Historical Society takes care of the graves today.



After climbing the koppie we went down to the waterfront.   There were dolphins in the bay and the girls also enjoyed watching the dassies.


There were interesting sculptures to be seen too.



Sitting on the Whale Tail Bench



The old harbour is also fascinating. As part of the art festival there was a display of sculptures made of the plastic, hooks, fishing line and netting  from our polluted ocean. Hermien welcomed us into the tiny museum.  She is passionate about saving the Sea.   We were given a glass of water and told to drink a toast to the sea.  We were then invited to take a sprig of fynbos and place it on the sea’s coffin.   She then gave a brief explanation of what was happening to our oceans and how it was up to humankind to change their habits to protect them.  It was a very moving experience.



A Wreath made from sea polution


An old whaling harpoon


The Coffin


Sculptures from sea polution



The Old Harbour was proclaimed ‘a Museum’ in 1972. Old fishing boats were collected and repaired for outdoor display.


We then went to have a drink at one of the local restaurants before making our way back to the house.  We stopped at the new harbour and spotted a whale in the bay.


You can see a barnacle on this Southern Right Whale


We saw him quite well – but photography was difficult

Earl and I left at 4:15.  We took Lina with us to Cape Town as she has an exam tomorrow.   The others stayed another night.

Monday 11 June 2018

We were in Cape Town to celebrate The Earl’s sister’s 75th birthday.  We took her and her hubby to The Black Marlin for dinner.  It was really lovely.


Just after Sunset – view across the bay from Carrol and Vere’s home at Castle Rock



Happy Birthday, Carrol.