Saturday Stream Of Consciousness – Flower/Flour

Today’s prompt from Linda is flower, flour or both.   The aim is to just write and see what comes up – so here goes.

Just before I went overseas my garden was looking a bit sad.  Two white rabbits had decided that they rather liked my back yard and got stuck into destroying the vegetable patch.  My bunny hugger hubby fell in love with them and decided they should have free reign of the property but promised he would do ‘something’ to protect the plants because it wasn’t just veggies they fancied – they rather liked the ‘vetplante’ (succulents) too!  Something was wrong with the beds in front of the house too.  Not only were the annuals dying off but some supposedly hardy shrubs were too.  “We need more ‘vetplante’  I complained.  They’re the only things that survive in Struisbaai! When I get back from my trip, it will be Spring and I’ll start fresh.

But while I was away the dear man was at several loose ends so did a few chores around the house and garden.   When I returned I found – a hutch for the rabbits – with an open door so they could wander as they chose – they’re rather free spirited bunnies and escape artists too so no point locking them up!   For those who don’t know the story – these rabbits escaped from and neighbour and decided our place was preferable to theirs and with more than a tiny bit of encouragement from the hubs – they now consider us their new hosts.   The veggie patch now has a fence around it – doesn’t help and some sort of mesh is planned for the future.   And the garden was looking amazing.  In one bed I had been fretting over clivias which are supposed to thrive on neglect but mine didn’t want to bloom!  Now they’re in full flower and look amazing.   In the front of the house my arum lilies had also decided to get dressed and are making a lovely show.   The hubs had also bough some gorgeous plants the ‘Vetplant King’ of Struisbaai who also helped put them in and add a few more rocks.   I couldn’t believe the transformation.


A much improved font garden with its new succulents


At last the clivias are flowering


The rabbits have left some vetplante in the back garden


The Australian Straw Flowers are doing well


This looked really sad before my trip but is now doing well.

Some of the other sad looking flowers are now in full bloom and I’m rather pleased with all the progress.

I guess I should celebrate by mixing up some flour and eggs to bake a cake to celebrate – but sorry – that’s not going to happen!


Share Your World from Sparks

I’ve been away travelling in Europe and a little in at home – soooo didn’t even realise that the host of Share Your World had changed!

I’m a great fan of Sparks from a Combustible Mind so here are my answers:-

What Is Your Favorite Beverage?  (for those who really dislike “favorite” questions, hey, time to time, one just pops in and will not be denied).

My favourite beverage is COFFEE.  The best coffee ever is to be found in Belgium.  I don’t know why it’s so good but it is.  They use the same beans as everybody else but somehow they get it right!  The rest of Europe is pretty good but I’d emigrate to Belgium just to indulge in their amazing coffee – and of course their chocolate is also AWESOME.

What Is Your Interpretation of ‘The Golden Rule”?  Are there ramifications to breaking it?

The Golden Rule – Mother (or in my case Grandmother) knows best.  You better believe it!   My kids don’t always but it always turns out to be true – so Kids and Grandkids out there – don’t dis your mom and gran.  They have infinite wisdom, they love you and they really do know what’s best.  Yes – you’re going to disregard their advice but in the end you’ll admit it. Mom/Gran knows best!

Sunrise person or sunset person? 

Sunrise – the early morning really is the best part of the day.  When we’re in the bush we are up with the sun and out looking for birds and game and it’s just the most perfect time.   God’s re-creation of a new day!   

Do people in modern society anthropomorphize animals too much? 

Not all but many do and some should.   Dog – is God spelled backwards after all.  I believe pets are good for people – petting a cat, I have heard, brings down your blood pressure when you’re upset.  There’s nothing to beat coming home to a dog who is over the moon to see you.  Pets seem to have some sort of sixth sense and they definitely can pick up on one’s mood.  We don’t have a cat or dog anymore but two white rabbits – escapees from somebody else’s hutch have taken up residence in our garden. The hubs worships these two creatures and on our return from a week away the first thing he did was make sure that is sacrifices of carrots and apples were presented to the mighty rabbit gods.

and finally

What Were You Grateful For During the Past Week?   

I’ve been away from the hubs for too long. He missed me and I missed him. Being back with him has been bliss.  He is the only one who truly understands me and puts up with my idiosyncrasies.  I appreciate everything he does for me.


Mother and Daughter Trip – The End

8 September 2018

Lolz and I spent the last three days of our holiday in London.   We did some shopping and catching up with friends and family.


Our friends Kim and John are taking a break from their yacht and staying on Hamhaugh Island


John took us for a boat road – that’s Dallas in front.


One of the homes on Hamhaugh Island


Me enjoying the ride


Lots of watersports on the Thames


Cousin Kev and his girlfriend catching up with Lolz


Sunset in Battersea – view from the flat


Mother and Daughter Trip – Barcelona Last Day

Apologies for not continuing and completing my trip report.  Because my luggage went Awol, I did not have the camera to Ipad lead to download my photographs.   I intended to continue when I got to London but things got a tad hectic.

30 August 2018  Our last day in Europe.

I met Peggy at 9 this morning and we took a taxi to La Sagra Familia.  We had not booked tickets to get in but thought being early would be in our favour.  However, we were told by some officials that we would only be able to get tickets for the late afternoon.  As we had planes to catch this would not suit us at all.   “Try the ticket office over the road,” one of the officials advised.  “They will tell you what your options are.”

And we were in luck!  “I have a cancellation,” the receptionist informed us.  “I can give you tickets for 9:30!”

One cannot miss La Sagra Familia when visiting Barcelona.  It is his most famous work. and construction began in 1892.   Work is still continuing and it will only be complete in 2030.  The church presents an excellent depiction of the relationship between man, nature, and religion through its architecture and façade sculptures.


After spending an hour or so enjoying this beautiful basilica we got on the hop on hop off bus and made our way to Parc Guell

Parc Güell was built between 1900 and 1914 .  Its lovely to walk around the garden and up the steep steps to the dynamically designed buildings, including Gaudí’s house. These buildings have the characteristic “trencadis” which are surfaces covered with irregular ceramic pieces.


We decided to take a taxi back to the hotel and then met up with Dirk to have lunch.  He had found a lovely place which served a delightful buffet for only 12 euros each.


A delicious Spanish Lunch

We then spent some time looking at the market before Lolz and I had to get the bus to the airport.


And no, my luggage had still not been found and returned to me.  So when we arrived at the airport we went to arrivals and the desk where we’d first reported the loss of our bags and asked if it couldn’t possibly be there.  The young assistant phoned down to Lost and Found and after a lot of waiting a broad smile broke onto her face.  “We have your luggage,” she reported. “Somehow the baggage number was confused and we didn’t know who the owner was!  A porter will bring it up now!”

What a relief!   I hugged that porter when he handed over my bag!



Mother and Daughter Trip – Barcelona

29 August 2018

My friend Peggy and her partner, Dirk flew into Barcelona from Tenerife late last night. This morning Lolz and I met up with them and travelled with them on the hop on hop off bus. This proved to be a great way of seeing the city.

The city screams out Guardian architecture and design. Guardi had a passion for architecture, nature and religion which is expressed in his ceramic, stained glass, wrought iron and architectural art. His work is very detailed and intricate and instantly recognizable.

At lunchtime we got off and had some lunch before taking another bus on a different route. Lolz did not join us as she had arranged to meet up with friends who were also touring in Spain.

We hopped on and off a few times to see things of interest and to take photographs.

We explored Poble Espanyol, a Spanish village where there was a museum exhibiting Picasso’s art -no photographs allowed – we enjoyed looking in at the shops and seeing a glass blower at work. There was also a multimedia show about the Spanish festivals and way of life. It was like getting a mini tour of Spain.

A medieval Camino Pilgrim

A modern sculpture

It is hot and humid in Barcelona but today we had a shower of rain which cooled things down a bit. After our sight seeing, Dirk was tired and decided to have an early night. Peggy and I stayed out and met up with Lolz and had a tapas dinner which was lovely.

To be continued …..


Mother and Daughter Trip – A Stunning Day in Stiges

28 August 2018

We were up and showered fairly early this morning. Lolz had some hand cream and I had a lipstick so we did our best to cleanse, tone and moisturize and use the lippie for a bit of colour before heading out to shop for a few essentials. Then we got on the train to Stiges and had a wonderful visit with my niece Martine who lives there with her hubby and kids.

Martine and Olivia met us at the train station and before going to the house we went shopping for shoes for Lolz and me. Olivia helped me choose but was a little disappointed that I didn’t take the more expensive Havana’s! She agreed though that the ones I chose were just fine,

The gifts I’d bought the boys were in the lost luggage but I still needed to get something for Olivia. I told her she could choose two toys for herself and 1 for each of her brothers as they would eventually get the awol ones, She immediately lead me to the the toy shop and we sent Lolz and Martine to the supermarket while we took our time browsing. And time was limited as it was almost Siesta time when everything closes during the hottest part of the day. In Rome I’d wanted to get a cute Plush stuffed animal with big googly eyes but Lolz wasn’t sure that Olivia would be into them. Well she was and after careful deliberation chose the two she wanted.

It was lovely to see Martine and Craig’s home and to spend time with them and their delightful children, We were served a superb Spanish lunch and then we frolicked in the pool.

Lovely views from every room

Lunch on the shady patio

Fun in the pool

Martine and Thomas

Sebastian taking a leap

Thomas insisted that Lolz wear his hat

But it suits him best

Stiges beach

All too soon it was time to get the train back. Martine drove us around Stiges and then dropped us at the station. What a great day! Looking forward to seeing them all in SA for Christmas.

Later that night Lolz’s suitcase was delivered to the hotel. Mine, however, didn’t seem to want to reunite with me😳

To be continued……


Mother and Daughter Trip – Rome to Barcelona

27 August 2018

It was our last day today and as our flight was only scheduled for 5:30 pm we packed up and reception allowed us to leave our luggage in a safe storeroom until it was time to take the airport bus. Lolz wanted a last look in at the Pantheon so we ‘roamed’ around and then headed there for a last photo shoot,

Checkin at Fiumicino seemed to go very well and we were waiting to be called for boarding when Lolz checked her messages, There was an email from Viewling informing her that our flight was cancelled but no problem we were re-scheduled to one leaving at 7:30. Viewling was very efficient about sending us new boarding passes but no mention of re checking of luggage was made. This was a worry for me as friends from the coach trip had luggage go astray when they missed a connecting flight from the USA. So Lolz and I went to find out what we should do. An official assured us that there was nothing to worry about, our bags would definitely follow us.

But, sadly, this was not the case! We were not amused to find that the carousel was not going to spit up our bags. It was late! We were tired! We had no toiletries, makeup or change of clothing. After half an hour of waiting is a queue of people in similar situations we were told that they would track our bags and send them to the hotel within 24 hour if they found them. It was just before midnight when our bus dropped us off on the square in front of Hotel Ginebra.

Our room was basic bit comfortable but we had a balcony and a stunning view

In spite of everything – we were thrilled to be in Barcelona’s!