It was an indecently early hour on Saturday morning when Grandpa roused Jay from his slumber and chivvied him to his first fishing competition.   He was the junior on board "Devenish": and the previous night Uncle Greg taught him the rules and told him of his ‘expectations’ for his crew!   Jay looked somewhat nervous and said perhaps he should wear knee guards and bike helmet to protect himself from unwelcome kierrie blows!   It was a stunning day, no wind and a perfect sea and the fish were biting.  It was not long before the rods were screaming and the fighting began.   The report back I received made me proud of my young grandson – He obeyed all instructions and pulled in two nice sized geelbek.  He is now a registered competitor in the off shore league and we hope he has scored some good points for his boat.
On Sunday, Josh was not to be left out.   Greg and Grandpa took both boys to sea and although Josh felt a tad sea-sick and the day was long and hot he managed with the help of his brother to pull in a lovely yellowtail.   Guess what we had for supper – you’re right – sushi!
We invited John and Glen Dougall and thier cousin to join us and had a great eveining.

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