Fish and Frogs

Fish and Frogs

Little Simon and Shannon Bangay,

At the edge of the lake they like to play.

They paddle and splash and look for frogs.

What interesting pets compared to dogs.


Simon throws rocks in the blue-grey lake.

Birds flee in fright leaving a wake.

Grandpa and Dad fish out on the boat.

We see them out there gently afloat.


Then they call, “Gramps has a trout!

Bring the camera,” we hear them shout.

Si-Si and Shannon run down to see.

They clap their hands and laugh in glee.


Mom and Gran, Gramps and Dad,

A little girl and a little lad

Are here together at Lake Naverone

Its much more fun than staying at home.


                                 By Helen Fenwick

                                13 October, 2007


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