Fun, Fishing and Hijinks at the Southern Tip of Africa Day 3

Monday, 13 July 2009

Wreck museum

We woke up to the sound of pelting rain at half past seven this morning.   Oh no – a wet and cold day – what will we do now?   We roused everybody (they only got to bed at 11 o’clock last night), gave them scrambled eggs, kidneys, bacon and mushrooms for breakfast then set off to the Maritime Museum in Bredasdorp.   After exploring its every nook and cranny and resisting the temptation to touch the fascinating exhibits and to climb onto ox-wagons, old hearses and ancient fire trucks we did some shopping at the Spar and returned to Struisbaai.  The sun was shining in Bredasdorp but as we got closer to Struisbaai, the weather got worse.   It poured and so boat fishing was out of the question.  Undaunted the intrepid anglers, equipped with new hooks and frozen bait made their way to the harbour and spent a cold and wet hour casting their lines – but no luck.  They radioed Captain Grandpa to fetch them and returned wet and bedraggled.  

They changed into dry clothes and then played cards, did a few charades and then hopped on the bikes and raced off as soon as the sun peeped out again.

Earl, Greg and I prepared a curry for supper and it is bubbling on the stove in its big black pot as I write.   A landscaper came and measured up and gave us a quote to fix our lawn, plant a rockery and some other indigenous plants in our garden.   The boys came back from riding just as he left and Earl and Greg piled them into the Caravelle and they’ve gone off to climb to the top of the Agulhas lighthouse, while I have a couple of hours to relax!

The returned with stories of what fun they had.  They climbed to the top of the lighthouse then went to the southernmost point where Greg took photographs to prove that it happened!


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