Fun, Fishing and Hijinks at the Southern Tip of Africa Day 4

tuesday 14 july 2009


Last night we told the boys to go to bed straight after “Survivor” but we heard them until much later than that.  This morning I found that they had not gone to their beds at all but had slept on the couches in the lounge and Jay had passed out on the Lazy Boy!     They all declared that they’d slept very well thank you.  Greg said he’d encouraged them to go to their own bed but they’d refused!   Boys!

It was freezing when Earl got up to check the weather at half past seven.  The rain had gone and the sea was calm so he rallied the lads and whipped up another stunning breakfast, which they quickly wolfed down, and off they went.  I, the chief cook and bottle washer, only got out of bed once they’d left and quickly tidied up.   I took a load of wet and sandy clothes to the laundry, picked up a few supplies and then returned to relax and read my book!  No sooner had I sat down to do this diary when the cell sang out and it was Earl to tell me – “Daniel caught lunch – a lovely big red roman!”   Well done, Danny!  

They returned at 2 o’clock and I went to the harbour to meet them and take photographs.   There was a slight mishap when the Toyota was stuck in the mud as Greg tried to pull the boat out of the water.   They had to take the boat off again.  Luckily, there was a chap with a 4×4 at the harbour and he kindly towed Earl out using the anchor rope!   Greg had wanted to use the other slipway but Earl thought it would be okay. So they had to go to plan A, anyway!

The boys all caught fish, some being sharks which they threw back.  After the boat was washed and the fish cleaned, Earl fried their catch and they ate with relish!    Daniel was particularly proud to be eating fish that he caught himself.

After lunch, they Greg dropped them at the dunes where they built ‘forts’ and ‘bases’.  There is no keeping them still while the sun is shining.   They told Greg to fetch them at 6 o’clock.  But at quarter to six, they phoned to say, “Please can we stay until 7 o’clock.”   Greg and Earl were already on their way to the shop and to collect the intrepid explorers, but when they arrived they allowed them to play a little longer.  Jay forgot to appreciate the privilege and tried to hide when Earl called them to get into the bakkie.   To teach him a lesson he left without him and made him walk for quite a while.   He was very upset when he arrived home. It was his own fault but he couldn’t see it that way.  I told him that he should think about it and reminded him that his grandfather and I had warned him several times about his attitude.   It didn’t take long for him to get over it and he was soon back with the group enjoying every minute of the rest of the evenings activities – singing in front of the fire, playing soccer in the dark and performing in front of the adults after supper.   They decided once again to sleep in the lounge and we heard the chatting continue to well after 10 o’clock.


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