Fun, Fishing and Hijinks at the Southern Tip of Africa Day 5

Wednesday 15 july 2009 


Another ‘Early’ breakfast had everybody out of bed, dressed, and ready for another action-filled day.   It was too windy to go to sea so we decided to take a drive to Arniston.   On the way, we looked out for interesting birds and wild life, being particular hopeful of spotting a Denham’s bustard of two.   We were in luck!   We spotted springbok, yellow mongoose, grysbok, guinea fowl in flocks of over 50 each, weavers, bokmakieries, stonechats, Cape sparrows, grey herons, black headed herons, hadedas, sacred ibis, cattle egrets, little egrets, blacksmith lapwings, crowned lapwings and many other common birds.   I encouraged everybody to look out for the bustard when suddenly I spotted a small flock of blue crane and at a distance in the same field more than 20 Denham bustards dotted about.   We have seen these birds before but never so many all together.   I checked the bird book and it did mention that they are seen in either pairs or small flocks.  This is by far the biggest flock I have ever seen.

We drove around Arniston and then took the boys to the big sand dune near the famous cave.   We did not end up exploring the cave as the dune was a great attraction and they spent a couple of happy hours running up and down and rolling in the sand.   Greg walked to the cave but as it was so cold I decided to stay in the car and read my book.

We got back at lunchtime, gave the boys rolls and left over steak and fish from yesterdays meals and as soon as they were finished, they raced off to the harbour with their fishing rods.  Earl and Greg joined them an hour or so later. 

While I had the house free I did a quick clean up of the cesspit they called their bedroom.  I unearthed wet towels, discarded underwear, damp fishing clothes and smelly socks.  I folded the sleeping bags, swept the beach from the floor and hung up the wet things.  

The car, too, needed a spring-clean so I did a rubbish removal and sand excavation from there too.   Nobody noticed but it made me feel better

At 4 o’clock they returned from the harbour and immediately left with Earl and Greg to go ‘real’ fishing down the big beach.

They had fun trying to catch fish at the big beach and when they got back, they got on their bikes and went to the harbour again.   Daniel hurt his foot and he and Josh came back and had a bath. In the mean time, Jay and Leo found that there were some ‘big’ small fish in the harbour. Jay came back to fetch a bucket and encouraged Josh and Dan to return to the harbour.  They did – in their pyjamas!   At quarter to seven, we sent Greg to fetch them!  Belinda phoned to speak to Leo.  I had to explain that we’d lost her son!  She didn’t believe me until I explained that the boys refused to come home!

  For supper we had ribs, chops, sausage, sweet potatoes, butternut, cauliflower and broccoli.


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