Fun, Fishing and Hijinks at the Southern Tip of Africa Day 6 and 7

 16 july 2009


The weather was beautiful today.  There was no wind and the sky was sparkling blue.  Earl and Greg took the boys to sea with the intention of returning before 12.  But they enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed out until half past two.   Jay caught the biggest fish – a red roman, Earl caught a smaller one and a white stump.   Joshua caught two small Hottentots and they all caught sharks and barble.

While they were at sea, I packed up as much as I could, swept the house, went to refuel and went to the supermarket to replenish the snacks.

We left Struisbaai at half past four and took the dirt road to Kleinbaai.   Some parts were pocked with potholes, others were slippery after the rains, and I found I really had to concentrate on my driving.  

Our house is a double storey with a stunning view of the sea.   The boys have to share a room with one double bed and a single mattress.   Earl and I have a double room with en suite bathroom, Michael Pulcella and Greg are sharing a room and Gus and Jacky have the other double room upstairs next to ours with a separate entrance to the bathroom.  The open plan kitchen/lounge/dining room is also upstairs.

After a delicious supper of steak, chops, sausage, sweet potato and salad the boys, still full of unrestrained energy engaged in a raucous pillow fight.   I warned, “Boys, this will end in tears!” and not five minutes later one was crying because another had roughly tangled his head in a pillowslip.   I calmed them down, gave them hot chocolate, and encouraged them to settle down for the night. It was after 9 o’clock and it didn’t take long for silence to rein as the drifted off to probably dream of the big one jumping onto their lines.

friday 17 july 2009


Mike Pulcella is part of the team that will fish in the competition.  Earl can only take six on the boat and so the boys had to decide which two would stay behind today.   Jay is in the league so he will get to fish in the competition so he and Leo decided to let the younger two go today.

The beautiful still, clear skies almost fooled us into thinking it would be a warm morning.   The chill bit into one’s bones the minute one left the cosiness of the duvet.   Earl warmed us up with his now famous scrambled eggs etc and the anglers went off to seek their quota.   While I went to Gansbaai to shop, Jay and Leo went off to explore the rock pools, which are right opposite our house.   I was gone less than an hour but they did not give up their pursuit of the klipvis until half past one.  I popped across to see how they were doing and they proudly showed me their catch safely preserved in a zip-lock bag!   They were disappointed when I explained that their pets would have to be released before they came home.

Meanwhile at sea, the anglers saw great white sharks leap out of the sea next to the shark boats.   They also observed whales breaching right next to the boat.   As if that were not thrill enough, they also had their adrenaline rush when they all caught some impressive red roman and stump.  Daniel also caught an octopus.  

After cleaning the boat and having something to eat, they went off on their bikes, played cards and went off on their bikes again.   My only rule is – no running in the house – but even that is disobeyed!

Jacky and Gus arrived just after 7 o’clock and we had fried fish for supper.   The boys got up to high jinks again but soon settled down after a cup of hot chocolate and some stern words from ‘grand dragon’


One thought on “Fun, Fishing and Hijinks at the Southern Tip of Africa Day 6 and 7

  1. Great story darling, Bruce said he was unable to open this but I had no trouble at all. Will check out the other photos on facebook another time as it is getting late and I have to be up early in the morning. lots of love Auntxoxoxox


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