Wolfkop Nature Reserve

8 April 2011 to 10 April 2011
The intention of visiting Citrusdal was to do a bit of bass fishing in a dam, enjoy some bird watching and simply relax just the two of us. The bass fishing didn’t turn out to be that great, we saw few birds and we certainly relaxed!
It was hot! Earl went to the dam on Friday afternoon while I chilled on the verandah, read my book and enjoyed the odd robin and fiscal that bothered to venture out. The tiny flies that abound in this area irritated Earl enough to have him back at Tolbos Cottage after an hour and a half. The best feature of the cottage was the jacuzzi on the stoep but it was still a tad too hot to get in. It was also too hot to braai so we ventured into the town to find the recommended Citrus Steak House – no directions we given but hey – in Citrusdal how hard could it be to find? Our expectations were low but we were given a lovely table outdoors and we perused the limited menu – pizzas, salads, steaks. I chose the Parma Ham Salad and Earl a rib-eye steak. Both to our surprise were excellent. For desert we had the best creme brulee I’ve ever tasted.
Back home we hopped into that hot tub and boy was it great!
On Saturday Earl whipped up the most amazing omelettes for breakfast – I had mine in the hot tub. The birds were a tad more active and came begging for an odd crumb or two.

Fiscal Fly-catcher

Karoo Robin

Cape Bul-bul

Cape Bunting

Cape Robin-chat

We then ventured out and took a long scenic drive to Oppieberg. A silly lizard perched on a pole had has giggling.
Lizard perched atop a pole
There were a few raptors about – black-shouldered kites, rock kestrels, pale chanting goshawks and Jackal buzzards. We did not get good photographs of them.
This orange-breasted sunbird enjoyed a meal at the Protea Restaurant.

Orange-breasted Sunbird

It was still very hot when we returned. Earl could not get the television to work so we had to call Bernice who drove 10km to sort it out. There was no TV remote in the cottage and the DSTV remote had no batteries. There were other little things wrong with the place which was unacceptable considering the rate we were paying!
Because of the heat Earl did not go to the dam to fish but had a nap instead. I read my book and watched the wildlife in the garden. This mongoose decided to enter the scene which did not please the robins and buntings and they swore furiously at him. He was unperturbed and bravely looked me in the eye and challenged me for a snack.

Slender Mongoose appears on the scene

I am boss in this garden

For supper Earl braaied spare ribs which we enjoyed with baby vegetables and for dessert a fresh fruit salad.
The Hot Tub was a divine way to relax before bed.

On Sunday we packed up, enjoyed the wild garden activities and then took a scenic drive to Clan William before heading back home. We stopped to buy some fruit, honey and sweet potatoes at a farm stall and arrived home at about 4 o’clock. It was a stunning weekend.

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