Fishing Adventure at the Tip of Africa – Day 4

MONDAY 25 APRIL 2011 Younger Group At Sea
Well today started out surprisingly well. The air was still and the sea was calm. There was a bit of movement in the trees and I thought mmm I wonder if this is such a good idea – but the sea-dog thought it worth going out and so we roused the younger group who dressed up warmly, ate some Milo cereal and Josh and Jaryd swallowed Avomine to prevent possible sea-sickness. With great expectations of landing the big one they set off at 7:45 a.m. with an extra child, Jed and his Uncle Arend on board.
I gave the big boys half an hour to have breakfast and tidy the sleeping area and then sent them off to do the things that boys do – ride, skate, fish at the harbour and then gave the house lick and a promise of better things to come in a weeks’ time! Once all was reasonably clean I went to the shop to get the milk and water and one or two essentials. And then the wind got up. Uh oh – I doubt they’ll stay long at sea I thought to myself.
The boys returned for biscuits and juice and then Jay and Leo went to the harbour. Jordan decided that it was to chilly so sat in a sunny spot to read for a bit. He’d just said – I wonder how long they’ll stay out at sea when we heard them return. Jay and Leo had hitched a ride back too. The boys were very excited because they’d caught some fish – a barble and some small dassies – but nothing that we could cook and most was returned to the sea. They’d seen great whites and smaller sharks had been hooked too.
Jed was not there and I asked – hey – where’s Jed? He’d been met at the harbour and taken home by his parents. Our boys on the other hand did duty along with having fun and helped with the cleaning of the boat! They willingly did their bit and took the barked orders in good spirit. Believe me Grampy can be grumpy!

Josh with catch

Jed with Dog Shark

The rest of the day has been quiet and not many photographs today – we didn’t go out or do anything exciting. The boys of course did their usual thing and went down to the harbour but more time than usual was spent indoors playing Monopoly and Clue because the wind really is not pleasant right now.

Tonight its spaghetti bolognaise for supper.


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