Fishing Adventure at the Tip of Africa – Day 6

Wednesday 27 April 2011 – Ride to Agulhas

The rain continued on and off today and the chill stayed freezingly in the air.   We were up and about by 8 o’clock, the boys had milo cereal for breakfast and played board games, helped tidy up and then  braved the cold and headed off to the harbour where they played for most of the morning.

Our new bed was delivered and Earl attached the headboard and I made it up and wow – what a difference.  At first, it looked sooo high compared to the old one and Earl wanted to take its feet off – but I persuaded him to leave it as it was.

The boys came in starving and I served up mielies, slices of cheese and salad for lunch.  They helped Earl with boat and garage chores and then we set off for the Lighthouse.   There was at first horror at the suggestion that they should ride on their bikes while we would follow in the HiLux but once the idea settled in there was great enthusiasm.    It is only 10 km – a bit of an uphill climb there but downhill on the return.   Danny found it a bit tough going on the way there, so we put his bike in the back and let him ride half way in the car, but he managed beautifully on the way back.  Jordan did well on the way there but his back was taking strain so he rode in the bakkie on the way back.

Riding to Agulhas

Once there Earl stayed below to look after the bikes and I took the lads to climb to the top of Agulhas lighthouse.   The cashier recognised me straight away – “You’re the granny with the six boys aren’t you.  They’re all under 11 aren’t they?  Okay – kids prices for youJ”

Jaryd’s palms were sweaty (he’s the one with the fear of hights) and of course the monsters teased and made light of it.  “Look down, Jaryd!”

I nearly freaked out at the top as the wind was strong (and cold) but the boys thought nothing of it.   I allowed them the minimum of time and then insisted we go back down before someone was blown off the top!




Brave Jaryd


Jay the Ring-Leader

Granny acting brave

The Southern-most Gang

Boy - was it chilly!

But - wow - what a view!

It started to rain just as we got to the car and then beautiful full rainbow appeared.

Is this a promise of better weather?

The boys got onto their bikes and rode home for bikkies and juice.

Riding toward the gold at the end of the rainbow?

For supper Earl is braaing chicken kebabs – brrr – at least the fire will keep him warm.   The boys have just come in from playing SWAT and are now quietly journalling.  Hopefully they are warmed up and tired out for a good night’s rest later on.   So far this holiday the noise has died down by 10 o’clock and we don’t hear them till we rouse them each morning.


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