Fishing Adventure at the Tip of Africa – Day 8

Friday 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding and Fried Fish

The day started looking like the sun would shine and then it rained!   We left the boys to lie snugly in bed till 9:00 a.m. then fed them Coco Pops, made two of them take a bath, told the rest to wash up the breakfast dishes and then left them to fend for themselves for an hour.   Grandpa and I found a little place called Bistro on Main and indulged in a scrambled egg and salmon breakfast in front of a cosy fire!    We then did a bit of shopping and returned to the gang some of whom had gone off on their bikes while the rest lounged around.   Jaryd was packed and ready to leave – his parents were on their way to collect him as he has a couple of projects to work on before he returns to school and becomes involved in a  heavy week of entertaining a touring team from Grey College.

Sue had told me that she just needed to see the Royal Bride’s wedding dress and she would be happy.   I on the other hand, after a week of male activities, needed more than a girlie moment – I wanted the whole wedding!   So dear parents, I am afraid your sons were sorely neglected while I indulged myself to the pomp and ceremony.  It was the only television that they’ve been allowed all holiday!

Sue and Craig arrived just in time to see Catherine arrive at The Abbey and before they were even offered a cup of tea Sue and I glued ourselves to the screen and oohed and aahed over the beautiful bride.   We insisted on silence during the nuptials and shushed the rude comments from the men in our presence.   The boys were quite intrigued and although Josh thought that he was just as special as any prince and wanted his own royal wedding one day, he watched to proceedings with great interest.  Somebody once told him that he had the blood of Mary, Queen of Scots, in his veins.   “Yes, boy – that may be – but by now it’s very diluted and I haven’t yet seen any evidence of princely behaviour in you!”

Finally the Philps got their cup of tea and a little later, while enjoying Earl’s fried fish for lunch, we had different reactions to the Royal kiss(es) on the balcony.   “Not long enough,” yelled one of the boys, “Do it again,” said another and when he did – “that’s more like it”

“I bet he can’t wait to get to Clarence House,” was Craig’s remark.   Then the fly-past, which I think for the boys was the best part of the wedding.

Settling down to watch Kate arrive

Watching the Wedding

The Gang Exposed to Pomp and Ceremony

So how do you make your batter?

In between all the pomp and ceremony, the boys popped in and out of the house, biking and skating, but today has been their quietest day.  They’re all off somewhere now but my guess is that we’re in for an active evening after so little excitement today.


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