Fishing Adventure at the Tip of Africa – Day 10

Sunday 1 May 2011 – Homeward bound

We just knew that our leaving day would be the sunniest of all and when we woke this morning we all wanted to stay another day.  But it would really not be worth it.   The older boys had projects to work on before Tuesday, Earl didn’t want to fight traffic while towing a boat and I also had to tow a trailer so we stuck to leaving early as planned.   We packed most of the stuff last night. This morning we got the last minute stuff into the car, collected the borrowed linen from the Bakers (who were still asleep after returning from their wedding in De Hoop at 2:00 a.m.) hitched the boat and trailer to the cars and moved the beds and furniture to their correct locations before leaving at 9:20 a.m.  Josh, Leo, Jordan and Daniel rode with me but Jay had to accompany Grandpa as he can’t tow on his own and we all travelled in convoy.

It was a pleasure driving home with so little traffic.  Interestingly we spotted black-headed herons on the side of the road at regular intervals.  They must have been there to enjoy the autumn sunshine.  For several kilometres between Bredasdorp and Caledon we also saw lots of jackal buzzards perched atop the telephone poles but we did not see blue cranes – I have no idea where they were hiding!

The worst of the traffic was closer to home – first at Muizenberg where the congestions was severe.  We decided to come over Ou Kaapse Weg instead of Boye’s Drive or the Main Road and that would have been a good choice except that there was an accident, which caused further delays.   But I always work on three hours and am happy if it’s less.  Today it was exactly three hours!

So a week of fishing and adventure is over.  The boys were amazing.  Their behaviour was impeccable.   They were easy to have and as relaxed with us as we were with them.   For us it was just such a pleasure to see the six bond and do together all the things that boys should do. My first-aid kit is depleted but thankfully no stitches and no broken bones!   Thank you, parents, for entrusting your wonderful sons to our care and for their friendship with our two grandsons.   Jay and Josh would not have had as much fun without them.


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