Back in the Classroom – Saturday School and the rest

Some schools chose to return two days early at the beginning of the year so as to enjoy two school holidays to make up a couple of long weekends.   But not my school – No instead they chose to work in two Saturdays!   I missed the first one as I was not yet employed but landed up going to school last Saturday. The blow was softened by having had a four-day weekend, Saturday to Tuesday so working Wednesday to Saturday was not really so bad.   The best part – only 21 kids turned up to school and half of them were late.  It was a beautiful day – the sun shone warmly and I opted for a very long break – first we had a good half hour to eat our snack – then we played some old fashioned party games – what a lark – these Grade 1 girls loved Cat and Mouse and wanted to play it again and again.

I managed to catch up on a lot of little bits and pieces that had not been done and caught up nicely by being at school on Saturday.  Having only 21 in the class was bliss – this is the ideal size class – who invented 30 + classes?  One accomplishes so much more with fewer kids in the class.

Saturday school over its back to normal – not that anything is every ‘normal’ at my school.  No – here we have something exciting happening almost daily!   Right now the Grade 1s are rehearsing for their Assembly presentation of Noah and the Ark.  Grade 1 is fortunate  enough to have a wonderfully creative teacher – head of music – who is leading us in this production – and what a production its going to be!   Every child has a small part to play be it in the crowd scene, a measuring boy, builder, rainbow girl, rain drop, animal or Noah and his family.   We sing songs, dance and tell the story of the incredible flood.   Today we had a practise and all four teachers were delighted by the co-operation and excellent behaviour of the children.  Every assembly, a class is responsible for a presentation and parents are invited to attend.  Great – but so time consuming and one has to be very creative to get enough teaching time in.

Because I only took my class over half way through the year I am determined to make sure they do not fall behind and try to get as much group teaching in as possible.  At first I felt the pace was just too fast but am keeping up better now.  My girls are coming on so well. They do tend to fly in the third term – writing is so improved after a struggle getting used to the feint lines – now they’re doing phonics and maths cards with beautiful spacing – wow they make their teacher proud.

Teachers of small children have more to deal with than the three Rs and among other things – its scrapes and scraps in the playground, disputes amongst friends,  – for which we have care circles – loose teeth falling out, and checking kids for nits and lice!  One mom reported yet another infestation in her child’s hair wanted her moved to another group but upon checking every head I found no other child infected – so it must have come from somewhere else.

So another couple of weeks fun and games, work and book inspections has passed by happily enough.  One just never knows what new challenge is just around the corner.





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