Back in the Classroom – Grade Ones on show.

Each grade has a to present an assembly two or three times a year at my school.  Our little Grade Ones have watched the older children performing on stage and now it was their turn. Last year we relied on a wonderfully musical and dramatically talented colleague to come up with creative ideas when it was our turn – but this year we had to do it ourselves.  We decided to make our theme – Blast off to Big School and my grade head came up with a wonderful script.  Each teacher wrote a rhyme about her name and taught her class to recite it.  The children were interviewed on video – What do you like about school and a power point presentation of what they are learning was presented. They recited a poem about starting school and quite a few of them had to learn a line or two to say alone. We (the kids and the teachers) were pretty nervous about how it would go down but our first practice went off well – but the last one was disastrous. The kids were restless and noisy and forgot their lines.  The video froze in the middle which our sound man said had never happened before.

It’s going to be a disaster, I whined to my grade head.

No it won’t, she said.  Bad rehearsal – good performance!  But she wasn’t looking too convinced and It don’t think one teacher slept well the night before.  But – wow – our little angels came through in the end and did not let us down.  The parents laughed in all the right places and from where I was sitting in the sound box – they looked so precious doing their thing on the stage.  The power point and video went in sync with the children’s presentation and there were no technical hitches at all – PHEW!

In the very same week Grade 1 was once again the centre of focus along with Grade 7 and Grade 4 for the Open Day where we all had to be involved in some sort of science lesson.   The children were taught, with the help of a power point presentation, all about 3D shapes. They were shown famous architectural buildings of different shapes around the world E.g. Pyramids and then set the task of designing a 3D construction on paper and then building it with toothpicks and jelly tots.   What fun we had.  And our children showed us just how creative they could be.   Some of the girls, at first, were stuck in 2D and wanted to make pretty flowers but the boys went all out which just goes to show that there is definitely a difference between boy and girls brains!. The girls, did, however, catch on quite quickly and adjusted their constructions to achieve the task set.  It was wonderful to see the kids having so much fun while learning and nobody wanted to eat their constructions afterwards!

Well after this exciting week of activity it was great to get a five day weekend.  And yes I did relax and have fun but I also had time to sit down and create some fresh teaching material and work sheets.  I am looking forward to a three day week ending with some more fun – a pajama party on Friday night.


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