Back in the Classroom – Pyjama Party

I’ve said it before and I say it again.  I teach at a school that never sleeps.  Yes we had a very long weekend and it was great  – it gave me a chance to catch my breath and work on some new teaching material – but the 3 day week afterwards was a full one ending with a Pyjama Party for the little ones on Friday night.  The older kids had “Night Life” and “Teen Time” and the school vibrated with the sounds of kids having fun.

They were all storming the front doors and demanding to be let in at 7 o’clock.  I was ready to receive my charges and there were shrieks of laughter and cries of Ma’m you’re wearing pyjamas!  Well of course – what else do you wear to a pyjama party.   I thought I looked quite cute in my pink gown and slippers.

The four Grade 1 teachers organised ‘stations’ and the children rotated for a 20 minute slot at each.   My brief was to take them on a ‘night walk’ with torches. This caused great excitement as I lead them round the darkened quad and had them hunting for wild animals and mystical creatures that lurked behind every bush.  There were shrieks of excitement and terror as they ‘spotted’ goblins and tigers and a crocodile paddling in a deep puddle which they meticulously avoided stepping into.   A few of the little girls clung to my hand and said, Ma’m I’m scared, and giggled hysterically. “It’s just in our imagination, hey Ma’m” whispered one hopefully.

But the boys were brave and went forth into the jungle and slayed the dragons and monsters and wild creatures of the dark night.

There was a brief shower of rain that drove us back indoors but it was gone in time for the next group to have their turn at defeating the evil enemy.   The last hour of the evening we had our own classed back in the classroom where after a trip to the tuck shop to replenish supplies and increase the sugar-high, we turned off the lights, put on a DVD and encouraged the over excited little people to quieten down and maybe even sleep before their parents collected them …..  no, of course that didn’t happen!

All too soon the three hours were up and the parents arrived to collect their hyped up  offspring.   It was fun but the hi-jinks and hilarity wore me out big time – I slept very well on Friday night!


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