Back in the Classroom – A Magical Outing

What fun it is to be a Grade 1!   I took my class to The Magic Classroom on Thursday where they spent two hours enjoying the wonderful world of illusion.

They giggled in glee when the ‘professor’ pulled coins from their ears, fleeces and hair.  They had fun with mirrors, kaleidoscopes, illusionary pictures, magnifying glasses and spoons. They learnt about colour, fibre optics and light, and that anything is possible.

The morning began with the children sitting in a classroom and having the professor teach them a hands on lesson.  They were allowed to mix paints to make new colours.  Each child got a box of everyday items were allowed to play with them and see the interesting ways they could be used.  How they shrieked when they saw themselves suspended upside down when they held a mirror upside down and horizontally below their eyes. The magnifying glasses were the greatest fun too. Then they were allowed to wonder around the classroom looking at all the interesting, magical items. They roared with laughter when looking into mirrors that distorted their image to make them look short and fat or tall and thin.   The kaleidoscopes drew gasps of wonder and they stared google-eyed at optical illusions that made patterns bulge from the page.

The morning ended with a magic show in the theatre.   I think we might have some buddying future magicians keen to attend the College of Magic to learn these exciting and fascinating tricks.


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