Back in the Classroom – Happy Birthday Madiba

18 July 2012

All the learners from Grade R to Matric at my school totalling 1 100 plus the 100 staff members gathered together in the school hall for a special assembly this morning. The children all held flags and few had balloons.  We were celebrating the 94th birthday of Nelson Mandella – the first president of a free and fair South Africa.   Our principal reminded us of the words that Mandella once spoke – Nobody is born hating another because of his skin colour, background or beliefs.  Hate is learnt and so if you can learn to hate you can learn to love.

Today’s assembly was inspiring and touching.  It was amazing to sing the Happy Birthday song knowing that thousands of other schools were doing the same and that the whole country was celebrating with this great icon.   One could not help getting tears in ones eyes to see those flags waving and the children whistling and cheering after belting out “Happy Birthday Madidiba”

Click the link to see and hear the children singing.

Our school also collected baby clothes and stationery to be donated to those less fortunate than ourselves.  And what an amazing response we got from our families.   We also did our 67 minutes of service – the Grade 1s did a grand litter clean-up of the area surrounding our school.   How vigilant these little people were.   They did not let one stompie, sucker stick of discarded sweet paper miss their eagle-eyes and they proudly showed me what they’d collected in their bags – the funniest item (to them) being a discarded pair of broken shoes.

It was a great day!

Happy Birthday, Madiba!


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