Spring Break – Frightening Flight, Fabulous Friends and Fantastic Food

28 September 2012

The end of another successful term arrived and now that I’m back in the classroom leaving for holidays tends to be a rushed affair.  Earl fetched me from school at 12, we picked up our driver and drove straight to the airport.  The weather was somewhat inclement and I, at the best of times, am not a happy flyer! As the engines whined and    screamed to their full throttle and the plane shook and rattled into its usual wobbly take off, I braced and psyched myself into thinking that it was just a roller coaster ride and was thus persuaded not to go straight into panic mode. The pilot warned us that it was going to be bumpy ride but once above the storm clouds things settled down and I unclenched my teeth and loosened my grip from the armrests.  I even dozed but then something woke me an hour into the ride – why did the flight attendant  almost lose his balance there – and why were the children screaming – “Mom, why’s the plane going so fast”  Yes indeed – why – We could actually feel the plane racing through the stratosphere – well it felt that high anyway.    Not only was it racing but it was bouncing too!  My ears didn’t know whether to pop or pain and by the sounds of infant crying neither did the ears of the babies either.   Visibility outside was nil until flashes of lightning scared the living daylights out of me. Well – not really – I was actually in a kind of stupor – thinking – I should be scared but this is kinda fun – like a Disneyland ride – and what’s the worst that can happen – if we crash I’ll just be dead and oblivious to the consequences. So lets just enjoy the ride. “Do you think the pilot’s scared?” I asked Earl.  “You bet he is! He can’t see a thing – totally relying on his instruments”  Oh so comforting my love. “Are you scared, Darling.”  “No – I’m not flying – it’s his problem!”   mmmm? What’s that supposed to mean.

There was a strange atmosphere in the plane – the children were shrieking and giggling and the adults were pretending to be okay with it all – saying to the kids – Isn’t this fun?   Yes it was in a way.

This went on for half an hour or so and we could not see the ground until there was a slight break in the storm clouds and we realised we were close to landing.   The pilot put the plane down in driving rain and almost nil visibility as smoothly as if he were flying on a clear, windless day.   We all broke into applause and over the system came the flight attendant’s voice – “Give that man a Bell’s”

Never before have I arrived in KZN in such poor weather conditions.   Luckily we had those tunnel thingies to walk through to the terminal.  We loaded our luggage on a trolley and went to get our hire car. We use a small company and they don’t have an office at the airport so we meet a man with a board with our name on it. Small things like this do a lot to amuse me.   Soon we were off in a Nissan Lagoona to fight the traffic in the worst Durban weather I’ve ever experienced!

It was all worth it when at 7 o’clock we arrived at The Rahj’s Amamzimtoti home.   In my opinion Niru is the best Indian Cook in South African and Come Dine with Me is the poorer without her.   She treated us to a scrumptious 4 course meal starting with Sweet Potato soup with a touch of chilli.   Then Prawn curry with rooties and the best ever lamb curry and rice.   There was no need for dessert but we managed to force down a delicious cup cake and a cup of coffee.

The best part of course was catching up with these wonderful friends and their delightful children. Our relationship with them began through our grandson Jay who was good friends with their son Kaylash – both now 15 years old.  So when the the Rahj family relocated to KZN we knew we would keep up as we often visit this province to see our Kokstad Kids.

29 September 2012

Sanam kindly gave up her bedroom for us last night and we were thrilled to have her East meets West bedroom with its fairy lights, butterflies, Hindu touch mixed with pop star posters and a little hamster on the night stand.   Thank you Sanam – we slept so well in your comfortable bed and the ambience was lovely.

Niru greeted us with another scrumptious meal – a proper B&B breakfast with choice of cereals, fruits, yoghurt, muffins, croissants and smoked meats followed by eggs and bacon and curried baked beans.   We needn’t eat for the rest of the week!

Our amazing hostess Niru in her kithchen

Earl contemplating the delicious spread

Suvi Diya and Niru

More to follow – Watch this space:-)


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