Spring Break – KwaZulu-Natal – Truly in Africa

29 September 2012

I love Cape Town. It is a beautiful, colourful, cosmopolitan city with a mountain to die for.  Its the place where I was born and bred so of course nowhere else can possibly compare to it.  But – that does not mean that I cannot appreciate other parts of our outstanding beautiful country.  In Cape Town I forget that I am actually in Africa – although more of it is rapidly creeping down south – and I love that too!  So every time I visit KZN I am freshly struck by how ‘African’ it is.   It is closer to the Tropic of Capricorn so of course the weather is warmer and the vegetation greener – overwhelmingly greener!   This morning our destination is Kokstad where our daughter Lauren lives with her husband and two children.  There is also a collection of other relatives that we live   a rural lifestyle there.

Heading in the right direction

Yesterday’s stormy weather is forgotten and we head off in the glorious African sunshine.

Its a beautiful drive along the south coast then into the Transkei.  En route we see many colourful African scenes

Fields of sugar cane

Waiting for the bus

Newly built housing

A mixture of modern and traditional

Traditional Housing

Traditional Blanket

There were 5 Spar trucks to pass

Imagine carrying water in you hand and shopping on your head!

Finally we came to our turn off

The Pink Church – a well-known land mark

After turning toward Kaag’s Post at the pink church we felt the flood of anticipation of seeing our kids.  We hooted as we passed their friends’ farm and the first bird we spotted was a long-crested eagle and then surprisingly a little flock of blue crane – more common in the Western Cape than KZN where you are more likely to see crowned crane.

A rock hyrax greets us at the bridge

The bridge we had to cross

Plenty of water in the river after good rains and snow

Approach to the house

Cody is pleased to see us

Simon is hiding so Shan goes to find him

I see you Simon

Lauren takes Dad on a tour of inspection

The garden is looking stunning

The Cottage

The horses Ben and Splash

We arrived to warm welcomes from the dogs, horses, Shannon and Lauren.  But Simon decided to hide!   The promise of a present finally coaxed him from his hiding place and then we got warm hugs and declarations of “I missed you Granny and Grandpa!”

After the tour of the garden was over we went in for tea and gave the kids their presents.   Earl was pretty tired after all the driving and had a nap but I decided to sit in the sun and watch the grandchildren play while I read my book and chatted to Lauren.  When Grandpa woke up they all went out for a walk but I decided to stay in the sun and read my book – such luxury to do so after a long and hectic term.

Simon intent of studying the instructions and constructing the Hero.

To be continued…….


2 thoughts on “Spring Break – KwaZulu-Natal – Truly in Africa

    • Thanks for your kind comments, bulldogsturf. I do find blue crane uncooperative in front of the camera. These were most obliging, perhaps because they were on holiday from the Western Cape?
      Love your Bog too – seems we have the same love of the wild. We frequently visit one of other of our game reserves and both my husband and I like to take photographs.


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