Spring Break – Fun with Family and Friends

30 September 2012

Glorious weather and coffee  brought in by the whole family woke us this morning.  Simon and Shannon played with the new toys we gave them and we chatted to the parents till it was time to get up for breakfast.  Lauren and Grandpa were industrious in the kitchen and the kids set the table in the Lapa

Father and Daughter preparing breakfast

Breakfast in The Lapa

Simon and Shannon were in high spirits – as only young children can be.  They played in the wheelbarrow, on their j-boards and on their bikes.

Racing down the grassy bank

Lauren’s garden attracts many birds but of course they try hard to avoid the camera


Unfortunately, Cheddar the cute ginger cat is rather fond of birds too.  But his interests are not of the conservation sort – but rather of the instinctive how to catch my prey sort.   I spotted him chasing an innocent sunbird flitting in the leaves of the tree outside the front door.  Luckily, this time, he did not succeed in capturing the wily bird.

The bird hunting cat

It was a perfect day for gardening and Lauren got stuck into the veggie garden.

Lauren – Wife, Mother, Teacher, Farmer:-)

At lunchtime the neighbours invited us to a braai -which they had in their lapa.   Rose, Neal and their daughter Margi had another guest Crawford too.  The people of Kokstad a so friendly and they treated us like family.  It was lovely to just chill and enjoy their hospitality.

They set up cricket for the kids and of course Grandpa and Dad joined in for a bit too.

Grandpa give instructions

And then demonstrates

Dad and Simon doing well

The adults enjoying each others company

To be continued …………


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