Spring Break – Sani and home

4 October

Earl went out on the boat early this morning.  I lay in and read my book till just before he got back then hopped into the Jacuzzi for a bit before getting dressed.   We enjoyed another ‘Early” breakfast and then spent the day chilling out.  Earl fished, I walked to the boat house to  try and get an Internet connection.  The signal was very faint and kept hanging up so I could not post any blog entries. So I watched Earl fish and enjoyed the birds and peace and quiet while I read in the sun.

Back at the lodge I enjoyed another soak in the Jacuzzi while Earl tried his luck from the bank of the dam.

In the afternoon I continued to read and Earl went out on the lake again.   It was windier in the afternoon but this did not stop him.   He caught and released some good sized trout.

Because the wind was quite strong we decided not to braai and instead Earl put the meat in a pot and made a delicious stew.

Before supper we each had a relaxing, hot stone massage in the comfort of our own lodge.

Early morning view from our bedroom window

Watching Earl fish from the Jacuzzi

5 October 2012

The weather turned cold this morning, our departure day.   We packed up and were ready to meet Lauren and the kids in Underberg at 8 o’clock.  Lauren was taking Simon and Shannon to visit their paternal grandmother in Pietermaritzburg. We had a box of left over supplies and handed it over to her.   The kids decided to ride with us as far a Howick.

We played our usual game of Dodge the Potholes but we had the latest version with a new feature called “Mist”.  Luckily the kids were quite expert at it and alerted Grandpa as to where to swerve.  We also played car cricket.   In spite of Grandpa trying to cheat, I ended up the winner with Shannon a close second.  Grandpa proved not to be as good at car cricket as he was at Dodge the Pothole and came stone last.

We made it to the airport in good time, handed over our hire car and then enjoyed a less bumpy ride than the one last Friday!  We flew Mango and the plane was comfortable and we had good service from the cabin crew.

Earl took some photographs from the window.

One of Earl’s electricians, Nick, brought the Fortuner to collect us and warned us that strikers had set fire to a truck on Borchard’s Quarry road, blocking our route home.  We had to take a long detour and after dropping Nick off in Tokai only got home after 6 o’clock.

Sad that the people in our beautiful country cannot find better ways of sorting out their disputes.   Violence breeds violence and certainly does not improve the issues out there.

No place is perfect. Each country has its problems – and although I’m sad when I see the idiot things that sometimes happen here I know I just have to deal with it and carry on trying to make a difference where I can.   There is no other place I’d rather be than in South Africa!


One thought on “Spring Break – Sani and home

  1. “There is no other place I’d rather be than in South Africa!” I agree whole heartily on that one… love the photos from the plane window… specially the middle one… beautiful…


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