Back in the Classroom – Mind Moves Course

I consider myself privileged to have been in and out of the classroom all my adult life.  During my long and varied career I have taught in different schools and different grades.  When people ask – What grade have you enjoyed the most – I almost always reply with the one I am presently teaching!   So of course right now my answer to that question is “Grade 1” I don’t ever want to teach any other grade!  The privilege has been to have experience in all the primary school grades.

The great at thing about teaching is that you never stop learning.  At this school I am getting my head around ‘brain-based’ teaching and this weekend I attended a “Mind Moves” course, facilitated by Melodie De Jager which equipped me with simple exercises to wake up the brain before beginning a new lesson because movement is so important to get the brain working. Of course, I had already been doing some of these exercises with my girls but not enough, as relatively new to the school I had not done the course and had only picked up tips from my colleagues.  I now feel more equipped and ready to have fun doing ‘mind moves’ with my girls.

It was a really fun, inspiring and informative course.  Not only did I find new ways to help my pupils learn, I learned a lot about myself too.   I knew I was right hand, right foot and right ear dominant.  I knew too that I was left eye dominant.  And this is the reason I was slow to learn to read – my natural tendency being that I wanted to read from right to left instead of the other way round. It also explains why I make mistakes doing admin work!   I have an excuse!

There is a left side and a right side to the brain.  I am not artistic so I thought I must be left brain dominant then.  Not so – after doing a simple test I discover that I am in fact right brain dominant!  I didn’t believe it so did a more comprehensive test on the net – and yes, there is no doubt – I am right brained.   It’s just that the left brained people are the ones who achieve better in the current school system. My previous perception was that I was not a very bright left brained person.  Now I discover that I am a not very creative right-brained person.    I am going to do those mind moves to see what develops next!


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