Celebrating 60 Years of Me

When you teach small girls its hard to get away with neglecting to confessing when your birthday is and also how old you are!  At my school birthdays are celebrated anyway – and its hard to keep it a secret.  There are three members of staff with birthdays on the same day as mine and we each received a gift voucher at an early morning staff meeting last Monday morning.  Isn’t that amazing?  My little girls also spoilt me with little gifts and cards and I think they were more excited than me.  Two of them wished me a Happy 40th birthday!  I don’t think I’ve taught them their numbers very well!

I was  in the middle of opening presents on Thursday morning when the school secretary arrived at the classroom door. “There is someone here with a special delivery,”she said.  I’d ordered cup cakes from Cake Creations so said,   ”Oh I was expecting them at 10 ——Omigosh” And there was one of the moms with an enormous cake – iced with a picture of me on top and all the kids around the edge.  Wow!

The Surprise Cake

I was spoilt with choccies and smellies, pretty necklaces and bangles and a dozen other special little things.  Most of them had chosen their gifts and made their cards themselves – and that is what made it so precious.

I decided not to have a huge celebration of my coming of aged.  The guest list would just grow to a proportion that was unmanageable – so instead I settled for a dinner at a restaurant with close family and friends.   There were 14 of us and it was lovely.

Lovely Setting

My sister and brother-in-law – Tana and Brain

Sharon and Tony

Peter and Heather

Chantal and me

Chantal and Jeremy

Lisa and The Lads

A toast

Jay – It’s only sparkling water!


My darling husband and me

On Saturday my breakfast friends helped me celebrate at Bistro Sixteen82.  What a stunning venue.  The food was excellent and service good.   It was also Cheryl’s birthday – but she’s not as old as me!

Breakfast Friends

So now I am a senior citizen.  And do I feel any different?  No – just the same as always and long may that last!


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