Struisbaai Holiday Day 1 Getting There

Oh what joy when the weather is good and it is holiday time! For the first time ever we are spending Christmas at our holiday home in Struisbaai. By 6:30 pm yesterday I had all my present shopping completed and my newly painted classroom set up and ready for next year. Earl had a midday staff function which I managed to fit in too!
Both cars were packed and ready for an early departure this morning. Earl in his fully loaded car and boat left at 6:30 am. Lolz and I in an equally loaded Caravelle left at 7. We had Jay and two other boys with us and we dropped them in Somerset West where they met up with a Girl Scout friend and her family. They are now enjoying a camping/fishing/skiing weekend at Theewatersvlei until Monday afternoon. Lifts back to Sun Valley are organised with the mom of one of the other boys.
Once the boys were safely on their way Lolz and I dropped in at Kettle Bells for Africa where I purchased two – my intentions to exercise during the holidays are good!

I love driving to a destination when there is no pressure on time. Lolz and I did it at our leisure, stopping at Orchard for breakfast and then Bredasdorp where she did her Christmas shopping. And yes – she did manage to get exactly what she wanted well within her budget! She also managed to replenish her wardrobe with items that were most satisfactory. Mr Price, Bredasdorp is not bad at all!

We travelled through all weather – chilly and cloudy in Cape Town, hot and sunny in Somerset West then intermittent rain all the way to Bredasdorp. Struisbaai was overcast but hot and no rain here yet.

The old thorny grass in our front garden has gone and is now replaced with fresh roll lawn. There is an automatic sprinkler system in place but one or two failed to pop up and so we are now watering the dry patches. The birds are very pleased and have been bathing all day long.
There is a new fridge in the kitchen – twice the size of the precious one – very necessary when 9 more guests are expected!

My beautiful daughter

My beautiful daughter

Earl has been busy all day doing odd chores. Lolz and I went for a lovely walk to the harbour, along the board walk and a little way down the beach. I was horrified to see the storm damage to Notra restaurant. How many times haven’t I enjoyed a coffee and snack on that deck.

The Late Nostra

The Late Nostra

Boats in Struisbaai Harbour

Boats in Struisbaai Harbour

Lolz at the harbour

Lolz walking on the long beach

Lolz walking on the long beach

Lolz on beach

On our way back we popped into ‘Nanna’s Boutique’ which we were surprised to find is packed with some quite nice clothes and jewellery.  We might pop back again before the weekend is over.

Greg had arrived when we got back and was helping Earl with some of the chores.  He will take Lolz back on Monday afternoon.

Right now we are just chilling, listening to music and watching the garden birds.  How nice not to have anything pressing to do!


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