Struisbaai Holiday Day 2 Back on the Run, Agulhas and Delicious Fish

Before I left for Struisbaai my Personal Torturer and I parted company with a final workout for the holidays.   “I won’t be seeing you for some weeks so I’ll leave you something to remember me by,” he said and proceeded to work my ass off with a an excessive work out!     I promised to keep up the training as much as possible on my own – but how to do that.   In the not so distant past, before I hurt my back, my exercise of choice was doing a brisk 5 to 8 km run – no travelling to a gym, no-one telling you what to do and very little brain power involved.  In fact a productive way to chill out and gather your thoughts away from the dependants nagging for your attention.  How many years ago now since I actually did a run?   At least 4.

Waking to a perfect day today I just had that urge to get out on the beach and what better place than to resume the running ritual again.   I had doubts that I would be able to do 5km but – so what – I would see how far I could get.   I donned my bathing costume and short, drove to the beach so that I didn’t have to wear takkies and set off barefoot down the longest beach in Africa!  The tide was going out and the beach mud was cool and firm beneath my feet, a gentle sea-breeze blew from across my face and the sea wooshed loudly in my ears.   After five minutes I was right back in that old rhythm – slowly at first and then I lengthened my stride and I am sure was almost up to my former pace – and I just kept going – the muscles certainly have a memory.          My intention was to try and make it to the signboard with the Big B on it – (a marker for the fishing boats to line up to, I think) which is about 2.5km down the beach and then to walk back.   But I was feeling good so turned around and continued running.   This kind of endurance exercise is not what I have been doing for the past several years – its been more interval and strength training – far more challenging than running I can assure you – and all the stationery cycling, skipping and jumping burpies most have kept my aerobic fitness up because I managed the run with ease.  The best part was stripping off my shorts and throwing myself into the cooling waves when I got back.   The water was deliciously refreshing – not at all cold!   Frolicking in the southern most waves is a great reward after a beautiful run in the morning sunshine.

Yes – I am back – I will be beach running for the rest of the holidays and perhaps get back on the road when I get home.

I am supposed to be doing my kettle bell training too – but didn’t get round to that today – definitely tomorryow!

Lolz was still in bed when I got back. I did the household chores then roused her to come with me to Agulhas. We had coffee and muffins at Potpourri – browsed round the gift shop then drove back home again.   Lolz lay and tanned – but I just can’t do that any more so I sat in the shade and did a Sudoku – a brutal one which I finally vanquished.


Me at Potpourri


Agulhas Lighthouse

Potpourri entrance

Lolz at the entrance of Potpourri


Lolz waiting for muffins

Earl and Greg had been out at sea since some immorally early hour and had returned just before we left.  They brought back a lovely catch of red fish – lunch!

He catches, cleans and cooks it.

He catches, cleans and cooks it.

From the sea into the frying pan

From the sea into the frying pan

Greg and Lolz enjoying fresh fried fish

Greg and Lolz enjoying fresh fried fish


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