Struisbaai Holiday Day 3 Beach, Bonding and Shopping

Last night I received the sad news that my last surviving uncle, Stanley, passed away suddenly and peacefully sitting in his chair at home.  He was 77.   It struck my cousins, siblings and me that my father and his three amazing brothers have ended a chapter in our lives.   Their strong influence will always be with us and we will remember them all with great fondness and love.   Farewell Uncle Stanley – I will always remember being your little flower girl, your charm and your amazing stories.  Rest in Peace.

The Original Greeks – Gerry (Dad) Johhny, Neoklis, Stanley – 1967

Another indecently early wake-up for the fishermen this morning while Lollz and I dozed on.   But it was too good a day to laze too long.   I thought my legs would be feeling a bit stiff after running yesterday – but they were fine.  However, my smugness did not last long.  Yesterday I was able to run on hard sand but the tide was not yet far out enough this morning, forcing me to run through water or on the softer sand higher up the beach!   My calves are going to catch it I thought but in fact the backs of my thighs are killing me!  Still it was a glorious morning and I loved every step of the way.  I was wondering where I should hide my keys and when I heard a little voice call, “Hi Mr Fenwick” and there was Caitlyn who was in  my class last year.  She was with her cousin and they were staying at the Caravan Park.   I chatted to the little girls for a while and then asked them to look after my things while I went in for a quick dip.

It is Lollz’s last day today and she was going to cook breakfast but I decided it would be nice to have a final mother and daughter bonding at one of the local eateries instead.   We had just ordered when my cell rang.  The guys were back and wanted the keys to the house.  I dashed back and they decided to join us for brekkie.

Rock Cod

My Fishing Hero with a lovely Rock Cod – caught and released

Mother and Daughter bonding

Mother and Daughter bonding

The fishermen arrived just as I was having my last cup of coffee.  We left them to enjoy themselves and went to do some shopping.    A lovely gift shop here, South Bound, owned by our friends Glyn and Lynn is a must to visit.   I found some lovely hooks for each bedroom – so that towels etc. can be hung neatly!

Bunk Room Hooks

Bunk Room Hooks

I was lucky too as I didn’t have to nag to get my darling husband to put them up!

Because it was such a lovely day today Lollz and I could not resist the call of the beach.   I am not a sun worshipper – fair-skinned and need to prevent the wrinkled face from burning – but we decided to go for an hour or so.    I exposed my legs and kept my face covered.  Lollz has the Greek complexion and can stand it better than I!

The inviting beach

The inviting beach

Lollz catching those rays

Feisty, fun, fearless, female –  Catching those rays

Lollz after a swim in the azure waves

Lollz after a swim in the azure waves

And now we are back at the house.  Earl is sorting his tackle, Greg is napping, Lollz is doing a Sudoku and I am blogging/facebooking/reading – but not all at the same time!

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