Struisbaai Day 7 – Agulhas and Arniston

I got to bed after midnight last night – due to having consumed too many cups of strong coffee, all the excitement of the day and blogging till late!   However, I finally fell asleep but was wide awake by 5:30 and 6:30 found Earl and me on the beach.   I wanted to run while the tide was still low enough not to have too much soft sand.   Earl does not do running but enjoyed a brisk walk.  

When we returned the Vet Viets Vriende started emerging in stages until all were up and eating and ‘Early’ breakfast by 8 o’clock.   They were super appreciative and a pleasure to feed.

We then headed to Cape Agulhas to do the touristy things – like stand at the Southern Most Tip of Africa and climbing to the top of the light house. We created a special seat for our extra passenger.

Princess Kate in her exclusive part of the vehicle

Princess Kate in her exclusive part of the vehicle

Please note there is controversy as to where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet – We Cape Townians sincerely believe it’s at Cape Point.  But the purists believe it’s here at Agulhas.  The sea is the sea – Man gives the ocean names – so I stick proudly to it being Cape Point – and proudly to the fact that Cape Agulhas is the most southerly point – no argument there!

The Vroeg, Vriendelik, Vet, Viets Vriende at the southern tip of Africa

The Vroeg, Vriendelik, Vet, Viets Vriende at the southern tip of Africa

Die Mees Suidelik Egpaar

Die Mees Suidelik Egpaar

We then took a drive to Suiderstrand, had a quick look and history lesson about the wreck and spotted a bird or two.

Rock Kestrel

Rock Kestrel

Then it was back to the lighthouse.   I decided not to do the climb for the umpteenth time and Earl quickly went to collect the laundry.  The kids, however, enjoyed the experience.

The southern most lIghthouse

The southern most Lighthouse

VVV at the top of Agulhas Lighthouse

VVV at the top of Agulhas Lighthouse

Next we made our way along the dirt road route to Arniston.   We handed out binoculars and bored our guests silly by stopping for every little birds.  They were too polite to complain though.

Capped Wheatear

Capped Wheatear

Red Bishop

Red Bishop

We also detoured to Die Mond but were not allowed to go onto the suspension bridge without paying the entrance fee – silly really we would only have been in the reserve for 10 minutes.

At Arniston we visited the original Fishermen’s village and popped into Kassiesbaai Crafts.   Here local crafts are sold from the front room of a private home.

011 Kassiebaai Crafts 012 Checking out the crafts

The original Fisherfolk village

The original Fisherfolk village

It was now lunch time and we tried to get a table at the hotel – no chance but they took our cell number and said they would call us when a table became available.   The VVV bought us ice creams and soaked up some sun until the call came through.

014 The Arniston Hotel and Spa

015 Arniston Beach 016 The beach

It was very busy and they did not bring all the food at the same time – but it was good and reasonably priced.   The meals were ordered were calamari, burgers, Gypsy Ham club sandwiches, toasted sandwiches and everyone seemed to enjoy what was presented.

017 Grateful for a table for lunch

Me Katy Tim (hidden) Nico, Francois, Marianda, Riaan

018 Katie, Tim Nico

Katie, Tim, Nico

Our next adventure was to Die Grot – The Cave!   It required a short walk from the dunes and then a descent to the beach – a sign warned that the embankment was dangerous and that we should take the steps – so of course the boys went down the embankment.   Earl the girls and I were more cautious.  The tide was not quite out so we had to negotiate incoming waves and slippery rocks until we entered the first cave and crawled through a low hole into the bigger cave that looked out to the sea.  It was awesome.  I would love to bring the grandchildren again next week – hopefully when the tide decides to be low at a more reasonable time.

019 The boys decended the hard way

The adventurous boys take the tricky route

020 We took the steps

The sensible ones take the safe steps

021 Gingery negotiating the rocks

Gingerly negotiating the rocks and surf

022 Looking at the VVV from the tunnel into the cave toward the sea

Looking at the VVV from the tunnel into the cave toward the sea

023 Enjoying the cave

Enjoying the cave

025 In the cave

The whole gang

An oyster catcher we spotted outside the cave

An oyster catcher we spotted outside the cave

026 Nico


027 Katie


028 Marianda


029 Francois


We were pretty whacked and ready to take the trip back to Struisbaai but when we got to the car Tim, Francois and Riaan found some sand surfing boards and dashed up the sand dune like they were doing a 100m flat sprint.  Their aim was to ski down but the boards did not work that well!

030 Tim Francois and Riaan ascended the dunes

We stopped at Bredasdorp to pick up supplies and while we prepared dinner the kids went off to the beach for a swim.  The girls tried to make a peppermint crisp tart but as I lacked the correct utensils the cream did failed to do what it had to so had to be discarded. Instead they got creative and made us a chocolate mousse/peppermint crisp/tennis biscuit dessert.  We named it VVV Pudding.

We enjoyed a dinner of Weber roasted chicken, stuffed butternut, sweet potato and salad followed of course by the VVV pudding.

What a stunning two days we have spent with these 6 fantastic young people.  Francois you are an amazing young husband – its great to see how much you love and appreciate your wife – good luck with your future in civil engineering and with your Masters next year.  Marianda – Francois is right – you are a wonderful wife – a go for it kind of girl – not many non-cycling wives would have agreed to a holiday of this nature – without fluffy white towels and comfortable beds – you are going to be a stunning teacher – good luck with the rest of your studies and your future career and may all your problems be gorgeous tiny ones like you and your husband.    .  Nico – the quiet, mysterious, creative one.  You have born that aching knee with such fortitude.  I’m glad you had a chance to rest it today.  Good luck enjoy Greyton and your career in architecture – I would love you to design a home for me!   Riaan – My name is Cloete – Riaan Cloete – You are an amazing James Bond – You are the number cruncher with a difference – All the best for your future too!  Tim – Marketing Engelsman – what an adventure on a borrowed bike – to undertake all those kilometres – wow – you are super impressive.   Good luck to you too with your future studies.   Katie – the princess who  just take everything in her stride – that smile tells it all – you just love life.  What a gem you are! Well done for taking on this amazing challenge and giving it everything you’ve got.  The memories will last you a life time!   I know you are going to be fabulous in your career – you will be fabulous in whatever you do!

To all of you – Earl and I have so enjoyed the privilege of meeting you and sharing two days of this adventure with you.  Sterkte – Go well our new friends.


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