Struisbaai Holiday Day 13 – An Interruption

We woke to howling winds again this morning but undaunted Lauren, Allan, Jay, Josh, Simon, Shannon and I ran from home to the beach and the Big B sign post.   Allan thought it might be cold so insisted that his children don their windbreakers in spite of my telling him that they would warm up with the exercise – it was not cold – just windy!   Jay and Josh raced ahead with me in their wake and the little ones doing their best to keep up.   The parents left a little later and caught them up on the beach.   Jay and Josh passed me on their way back from the Big B and I told them not to wait for me if they wanted to go back home with the others.  When I got back to our usual starting point I could not resist a swim in spite of having no towel with me.   The water was stunning but perhaps it’s not a good idea to swim alone – there wasn’t another soul in the sea.   I was dumped by a wave but quickly recovered.   Some people arrived for a walk with their dogs as I headed for the shower and asked if the water was cold.  They were sorry not to have brought cossies – the wind had put them off!    I was soon blown dry and put my socks, shoes and shorts back on and ran home.

Earl had not been idle at home.  He’d Googled a place to take the car in for repairs to the alternator but the nearest place that could do it was in Somerset West – 2 hours toward home.   So at 11:30 Earl drove the Caravelle and I followed in the Fortuner.  We had to stop twice to charge the battery.  All the electrical things like speedometer, indicators, automatic windows stopped working.  It was quite a tense and scary ride and the journey took 40 minutes longer than it usually does.

After dropping the Caravelle at Phil West Volkswagen, we went to Somerset Mall, had lunch at Woolworths coffee shop, bought ourselves each a pair of new shorts and then drove home for the night. We will both have myosteopractic treatments with our ‘witch doctor’ tomorrow.  His methods are unorthodox but boy does he get results!  Hopefully the vehicle will be ready for collection tomorrow afternoon.

I am afraid that our holiday is somewhat interrupted – no photographs and nothing to report other than that Jay’s girlfriend came to visit and we met her parents just before leaving.   Latest news is that he is now spending a couple of days with her at their holiday place near De Hoop and we will meet up with them when we take the kids to Arniston on Saturday.  Oh joy – teenage romances are beginning!


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