Struisbaai Holiday Day 14 – Lighthouse and the tip of Africa

We treated ourselves to dinner at Barracuda’s in Fish Hoek  last night – highly recommended if ever you are in our neck of the woods.   We had not wished our good friend Jeff for his birthday on the 26th so we popped in and spent an hour or so visiting with him and Annaline. Lovely to catch up with old friends.

This morning we were up early.  We did some chores at home then went to have breakfast at Wimpy – cheap and the coffee is good.

This Mega Coffee will keep him going all day

This Mega Coffee will keep him going all day

We had some time before our myosteopractic treatments so we picked up some provisions at Pick ‘n Pay, met friends and chatted in the aisles – amazing how many people were avoiding the crowds due later in the day!    And then – bliss – we both felt amazing after our treatments and so the disaster with the Caravelle was sort of a blessing in disguise!

There was no way that the Caravelle would be ready today so we left Sun Valley at 1 p.m. the worst of the traffic being between Fish Hoek and Muizenberg and got back to Struisbaai at quarter to four.   We will try not to think of how much our repairs will cost and collect the vehicle early next week.

Meanwhile the family were coping quite well without us.  I wondered whether they would do the early morning beach thing – and yes they did!  Lauren took the pictures to prove it.  Note the long shadows!

Josh and Shan ready for a swim.

Josh and Shan ready for a swim.

They also decided to do the touristy thing – stand at the Southern Tip of Africa and climb to the top of the southern most lighthouse.

Southernmost Grandchildren

Southernmost Grandchildren

Simon was not in the mood for photographs – For a week now he’s put up with his granny snapping away and now when Mom tried it, he decided enough already!  All she managed was a back view with the lighthouse in the background.

Si playing in the sand

Si playing with the pebbles at the Southern Tip of Africa

Simon was a little nervous of climbing up the steep lighthouse ladder.   But he wanted to do it and with his mom’s gentle encouragement he was proud to make it to the top!  But it did mean she couldn’t take the photos while assisting him.

In front of the lighthouse

In front of the lighthouse

Wherever one finds oneself in the world one must not assume – Nobody knows me here.  Jay had this experience today.  He is presently spending a few days with his girlfriend and her parents at their holiday spot near De Hoop Nature Reserve.  They decided to explore the Breede River area.  This afternoon I received a text from my sister who has a house at Riverine on The River.  ‘What are the chances’ read the caption.   She and her family landed up at The Boathouse at exactly the same time as Jay was there!

Jay and Monet at Breede River

Jay and Monet at Breede River

Tomorrow we will meet up with him and Monet’s family at Arniston.   The kids are looking forward to exploring the cave!


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