Struisbaai Holiday Day 20 – Suddenly its gone all quiet

There is not very much to report today. We woke up to the worst weather of the entire holiday.  It was as if the skies knew that our children and grandchildren were making their way back home.  The wind howled and the heavens opened to a downpour of rain.   Well – I am not running in this – I declared.   There was a time many years ago that nothing would have stopped me bar snow or hail.  But now in my dotage, I don’t feel that urgent need to stick with the programme.  I promised myself that I would skip and work out with the kettle bells – but I didn’t – Sorry Steve!

We have had the most glorious time with our family.   The kids got on so well, there was always something interesting happening and the weather was ever so kind to us.  The only tiny complaint was that wind did not allow for more than one boat fishing trip – but that’s summer in the Western Cape for you.  The fishing is really much better in winter!

The Kokstad Connection left at about 10 and are spending the night with Aunty Diane in Great Brak.  Lisa and the boys left to go home to Cape Town soon after.   Lisa reports that the cats are happy to be back from the cattery and the kitten has grown!

We felt a bit bereft after the desertion so headed to Bredasdorp to organise the delivery of a new rain water tank.  We then had a coffee and did some shopping before heading back to have a very quiet day, my only exercise being an hour of housework!  The rest of the day we read books.  Earl, who only reads during the holidays finished his Wilbur Smith – River God.

We will be staying on in Struisbaai for a few more days but only to establish a new rockery in our garden – Yassin and his wife arrived this evening and will stay a day or two to help us.

Hopefully the weather will improve.  Earl would love at least one more fishing day.  I need to read another book and work on the tan!


Saying Goodbye to the tortoise that regularly visits our garden

Getting comfy in the car

Getting comfy in the car

Sorry we have to go

Sorry we have to go

Off they go

Off they go


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