Back in the Classroom – Building Sentences, Valentine’s Day and Our First Project

Forgive me if I enthuse about everything that happens in Grade 1 but really it is the most exciting and rewarding grade to teach.  The little ones have been at school for less than five weeks and yet already they have come so far.  Yesterday they used their Reading words to build and write their very own sentences.  Many of them made up completely new sentences using the words from the vocabulary learnt so far while those learning at a slower rate reconstructed the sentences they know from the story they are learning.   This is all part of the process of learning to read.   I still get excited when I see the children getting to grips with the written word; there is nothing more thrilling.


Valentine’s Day – what does that mean to a six or seven year old.  Well its all about Love isn’t it.  And at my school we believe that children learn well when they feel safe and when they feel loved.   So celebrating Love is important and fun.   Children and staff came to school dressed in red and white, we made Valentine cards for our friends and family and the whole atmosphere of love just seeped into us.   The was an atmosphere of joy throughout the whole school.

My girls looking in red and white

My girls looking cute in red and white

Late yesterday afternoon the staff all received a text message – Meet in the Staffroom at 7:30 a.m.   Prizes for the best dressed teachers!    Oh my – what shall I wear?  I guessed the idea would be to go fun and funky – so on my way to gym I dropped in at the local super market and bought rose clips for my hair and in the morning put on my best red dress and raided my jewellery box for something red!  Sure enough on arrival I was in fits of laughter at what some of my colleagues turned up in.  The young men cross-dressed and one even donned fairy wings.  The principal wore a jester’s hat and the deputy had hearts on her cheeks.   The staffroom was decorated with bright red hearts which read – Your are Loved.   It seems a small thing but it really did build morale and made one feel appreciated.   Photographs were taken and senior staff announced that Chocolate Cake and Cream would be served at break when the winners would be announced.  At break I joked that I only taught at this school because the food was good! My principal said – there aren’t many perks but this at least was one of them!   While we indulged the prizes were announced. We cheered for our funky, fun loving colleagues and then my name was called – for the most beautifully dressed staff member!  I actually blushed.   My prize wrapped in red tissue paper in a red carrier bag – a bottle of win and a PS chocolate!   And wow – it made me feel good.   Thank you Leadership – it was a really fun day.

My girls just loved the roses in my hair

My girls just loved the roses in my hair

In Grade 1 – ME is very important.  Today the girls did their very first school project which was all about who they are, why their parents chose their names and why they were special to Mom and Dad.  They brought photographs of their lives thus far, information that Mom and Dad had prepared with them and bits and pieces to decorate their presentations.    What fun they had putting it all together and what fun I had finding out all about them.  Well done parents for your special involvement in the preparation and well done girls for your beautiful presentations.

Hard at work with a little help from our GAP

Hard at work with a little help from our GAP

Altogether it was a very successful Valentine’s Day but it was not yet over.   When I got home there were a dozen red roses from my Romantic Husband and to end a wonderful day he took me to my favourite Restaurant, Just Sushi,  where we were treated to a free glass of Bubbly and a starter platter of Salmon Roses.  And Dessert was rather special too.

A perfect end to a lovely day - sushi followed by chocolate coated strawberries

A perfect end to a lovely day – sushi followed by chocolate coated strawberries

* A GAP is a full time learner teacher.  (Guided Approach to Pedagogy)

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