Back in the Classroom – School’s Anniversary, Funky Feet and Athletics Day

A line in our school song goes – “It grows in fame each year” and indeed since its humble beginnings 36 years ago SVPS has grown both in number and fame.   My two older children were among the first students and two of our grandchildren have already passed through its portals.   In fact when it was a brand new school I was its first Itinerant Speech Correction Teacher and I was pretty new then too!   How amazing it is to be back in my more mature years.

To celebrate we had a Funky Feet Day.  Everybody – staff included – decorated their feet in a multitude of different ways.  It was so much fun seeing hairy monster toes, stripy socks, colourful toe nails, beribboned shins and tattooed feet traipsing  up and down the corridors.  Fun and Funky it was and there were prizes for the most creative designs.   

I involved my poor, patient husband in preparing my feet and toes knowing that my girls would be highly disappointed if I didn’t make an effort.   It took two episodes of The Good Wife (I have a media player) for Hubby to glue on and paint nails and apply colourful tattoos to make my feet look gorgeous.  There were a few grunts of keep your feet still, or point your toes this way but the entire procedure was pretty relaxing as I just lay and watched the movie! My little girls loved the result and oohed and aahed and exclaimed, Your feet look so pretty!

Results of Hubby's Foot Work

Results of Hubby’s Foot Work

Well so did theirs!  It was also Athletics Day for the Foundation Phase and they all came dressed up in their house colours and most had feet to match.  It was difficult to choose a winner but in the end I had to go for a cute little girl in green with feet proudly declaring which house she was running for!

A selection of Funky Grade One Feet

A selection of Funky Grade One Feet

The Winning Feet

The Winning Feet

I was a score keeper for the races so didn’t have a second to take photographs but the girls ran well in their championship races and thoroughly enjoyed the fun race in the mommys’ shoes.   But it was a long time for them to watch all the other classes run so when it was time to return for the anniversary treat they were ready and waiting!

Here they are enjoying their delicious jam doughnuts!

Happy Anniversary, SVPS

Happy Anniversary, SVPS

And did we do any work at all that day?  Well after all the fun and celebrations there was still an hour and a half of school – so yes we did do some handwriting and reading as well as creating a cover for our books for next term!  I have hard working little girls in my class!


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