Back in the Classroom – End of Term

I love my job and I work hard at it.  So by the time the end of term comes I expect to feel a little worn out. This last week I have felt this weariness set in and dismissed it as end of term  burn out. But yesterday I suspected there was more to it than that – it was a different kind of tiredness so I went to the doctor and was told – you need a course of antibiotics – you are sick!   Fortunately today was a short day and my little girls were angelic.   After news and handwriting we Googled ideas for Easter Cards and filled with inspiration and a set of coloured papers they settled down to a happy hour of card making.

IMG_8231 IMG_8233

We had two birthdays to celebrate too and after a feast of little with Easter eggs and cup cakes as well as jelly baby treats from another little girl we finally got round to tidying up and sorting ourselves into our new groups for next term.

The older children had their final assessment paper today and the teachers all gathered in the hall after school for lunch and marking session before preparing our classrooms for next term.  My wonderful Grade 1 colleagues saw that I was just not up to it and came in to help me.  Thanks girls, it is much appreciated-

This time last year we had a two-week holiday – enough time to take the kids to Kruger – but this year we have no more than an extended long weekend!   Still it will be enough to recharge the batteries before getting back into another exciting term.   Have a wonderful Easter everyone.



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