Easter in Struisbaai – It’s just too wet

I was surprised to wake up after my husband this morning.  But then it was almost 8 o’clock!   He was up, sitting in the Laz-y-boy reading – most unlike him.  It was still raining!

“Right now,” I said, “I have this craving for croissants – and I need to get out  – I have cabin fever!”  So we woke our sleepy daughter and made our way to l’Agulhas where I was sure  I would find said delicacy at a little coffee/gift shop called Potpourri.   “It is such a miserable day that nobody will be there and we can indulge in a good cup of coffee too.””  How wrong I was.  Everybody at the southern tip of Africa was sick of the rain and felt the need to get out for air so we could barely get a parking spot let alone a table for three.   I bought a few things I wanted from the gift part of the shop and we headed out to The Southern Most Restaurant and pub to see if they could be more accommodating.  After checking their menu and finding only egg and bacon we decided to return to Potpourri and wait for a table.   Luck was with us – in the five minutes we were gone a parking spot right outside was available and a tiny table for three was free.  Service was instant but no croissants on the menu!   I settled for Lemon Meringue while E had an English breakfast and Lolz French toast and bacon.   She was annoyed when there was no green tea – I had told her that I was quite sure it was the sort of place that would have it – so she had to settle for Rooibos.  I was well satisfied with the hot, strong and black filter coffee and Earl said the Cappuccino was excellent.

I am not usually the sort to have cake for breakfast but I just did not feel like eggs today!   The weather called for indulgence and boy did I enjoy it.

We decided that there was little point in spending another night just so we could fight the traffic home on Monday.  So we packed up and left a midday and enjoyed a pleasant, unstressed trip home.   The weather in Cape Town is somewhat less stormy but I think that might change tomorrow.

Lolz and Earl enjoying brekkie - my enormous slice of lemon meringue in the foreground

Lolz and Earl enjoying brekkie – my enormous slice of lemon meringue in the foreground


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