Back in the Classroom – Assessing and Caring

It’s a short blog this week and sorry folks – no photos.

At the best of times my life runs at a hectic pace and I like it like that.  It keeps me interested and stimulated and I am never bored.  This past week, though, the pace was more hectic than ever with dentist appointments, visa applications, bank problems, an unexpected school meeting to attend, an extra sports duty to perform, a midweek and Saturday play rehearsal and the culmination of a  Bird Club function that I organised.  So I have to confess – I got a tad behind in my marking!    I’d love to say that next week will be calmer – but somehow, I doubt that!

For those parents who are reading this – don’t worry – I still managed to teach your brilliant children and my marking is now up to date!   Throughout the term we continuously teach and assess and next week we will begin our report writing.  Some assessments have to be done one on one with Grade Ones and so the little girls have had to work quietly on their own while their teacher tried to get through individuals as quickly as possible.   Sitting still too long is of course not easy when your’re six or seven so I have to remember to get them up and moving often!   The minute the noise level rises – we get up, do a movement song or go for a walk, change the task and then settle down again.   I am proud that the girls are coping and cooperating.

Even when there is a rushed week of goings on the little dramas of small girls cannot be ignored.  On Thursday I greeted my girls with the usual indication of how each one was feeling on a scale of 1 to 4 and one of my most cheerful entered with a one and was in fact very tearful.  Her best friend was tearful and before long several others were snivelling too.   The problem – her doggy was sick and had to be put down.  We had a care circle . Wow !  She shared so eloquently how she felt that I had tears in my eyes.  I hugged and she sobbed.  The other girls were silent and then as the teddy  was passed around they all had words of comfort.   “He won’t be  sore any more”. ” He will be like a puppy in doggy heaven.”  “My doggy died and I still miss him but I know he’s happy in doggy heaven.”

Afterwards the doggy-bereaved child said, “I also have some good news. My friend is having a sleep-over with me and Mom’s going to make popcorn.   And I’m getting a new puppy to keep my other dog company!”  And the tears were dried and she moved on.  Aren’t kids great!   We can learn so much from them.


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