Back in the Classroom – Dictionaries, Story Writing, Skeletons and Reports

Another good week has raced by and the little girls are just progressing by leaps and bounds.  I have been busy with lots of individual assessments and though I have been back in Grade 1 for two years now – I am still blown away by how rapidly they learn.

We are now up to bonds of seven in Mathematics and we once again played dancing digits to get the feel of how numbers are related.  Playing games always makes learning fun and they enjoyed a plus and minus activity on the mat when their work was done.

Who can cover their blocks first

Who can cover their blocks first

The girls were very excited when I handed out their very first dictionaries.  They decorated the cover and took them home to be covered in plastic.  Now they are beginning to write their own stories, finding words they need from around the classroom, in their reading, from the THRASS chart and also by asking the teacher.   Their first creative assignment was to sequence four pictures in the correct order and then make up the story.  Wow – did they have fun!   One little lass could not stop at one sentence per picture and almost wrote a novel.

Now let me think

Now let me think


Deep concentration

It's about a birthday, isn't it.

It’s about a birthday, isn’t it.


Coming to ask for words

We are learning about our bodies and how they move.  The girls had fun cutting out skeletons and pasting them in moving positions.

Concentrating on cutting out neatly

Concentrating on cutting out neatly

Mine is very flexible

Mine is very flexible

This is cool

This is cool

We have had a few rainy days recently so movement in the classroom has become more important than ever!  Here are the girls doing Singing in the Rain – in the classroom while it was raining outdoors!


Singing in the rain


The weather has indeed turned chilly and wet here in the Western Cape, South Africa.   Voices on the radio warned that the weekend would be beset with storms and flooding and very low temperatures.   Friday afternoon, Hubby left for a business trip, the boys had Scouts so after feeding them pizzas I snuggled under the duvet with my laptop and spent the evening working on reports.   By Saturday morning the storm had arrived and poor Josh played a hockey match and came home drenched.  I remained under the duvet and by 2:30 I’d completed my reports – such a good feeling to be done!

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