Back in the Classroom – Writing, Creating and Prompting

The past week has been pretty hectic at school.  The intermediate phase are in the throes of producing a their pantomime – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.   Although my little Grade Ones are not involved, I am.  So for four days last week I had to leave them in the capable hands of a GAP student while I was on duty as Prompt.   But the shows began at 10 and I was back with the girls by 12:30.     So far we have had 2 full dress rehearsals, 2 morning shows and 2 evening shows.   There are two more evening shows to go so if you have not yet seen it don’t delay – it is really good.

The teaching of handwriting is very important in Grade 1.  So many skills are required to form a simple letter.   Posture must be right.  The fine muscles in the hand, fingers and wrist need to work correctly.  Spacial perception has to be developed and in the beginning it all takes a great deal of concentration which is why children with an attention deficit struggle to learn to write.

Now just when we have got used to how to form the letters and learned how to keep them on a line the goal posts have been moved.  The new skill we must learn is to write between the lines and we are practising this on paper before we get our feint lined books!

This takes concentration

This takes concentration

A good exercise to strengthen those three fingers required for neat writing – the thumb, pointer and middle is  paper tearing.  The girls got busy making a new book cover.  They had to tear coloured papers into small pieces and paste them onto an outline of a fish.

This is fun

This is fun

Its good for my 'three writing friends'

Its good for my ‘three writing friends’

I am working hard at this

I am working hard at this

Not so good for my back when I stand and bend over my desk when I work!

But the bending over a low desk is not so good for my back!Do you like the results?

Do you like the results?

The 16th of June is Youth Day in South Africa and as it fell on a Sunday (also Father’s Day) we got Monday off.   I hope all my little ones and their parents had a good weekend.  I certainly did – got a lot of Third Term preparation done as well as enjoying a relaxing time with my husband and daughter.

The last four days of term are now upon us.  Can you believe it – half way through the year already!


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