Back in the Classroom – Last week of term

The last week of term flew by rapidly.   I still had two evening shows to prompt, but at least I had the days to spend with my girls.  We kept to our normal routine as much as possible.  My angels worked hard at getting the hang of writing between the lines, reading, writing and doing their sums.  But there was also time to do some fun stuff.   We continued our theme of learning how our bodies moved and here are some photographs of them making skeletons from ear buds or q tips as the Americans call them.

How do these bones fit together?

How do these bones fit together?

This is coming together nicely

This is coming together nicely


My skeleton has bendy bones


We all have different ideas

Don't you just love our guys?

What a bony pair of skeletons!

We're taking these home

We’re taking these home

This was cool fun

This was cool fun


The Intermediate Phase Pantomime was Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.  Lots of the girls had been to see it with their parents and others were about to.   So I decided to show them an animated movie of the ‘real’ Snow White.   Well – what a good plan this turned out to be.  The girls were enthralled and totally caught up in the wonder of the fairy tale.   Just look at their faces.


Totally absorbed


Snow White is so beautiful


What will the dwarfs find?


This timeless fairy tale has not lost its appeal

Have an amazing holiday to all my girls and their parents.   I am writing this post from my brother’s home in England and will be posting daily reports on my adventures while I am visiting here for the next three weeks.  Please feel free to share in my experiences.



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