An Adventure Abroad – Shopping and Bonding!

Today is my grandson Jay’s sixteenth birthday.  He was born here in England and that was when I was last in this country.   I cannot believe that so many years have passed and he is now a young man – a beautiful young man.   God bless you today, God bless you dear Jay, God bless you and keep you, Happy Birthday to you.

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

The weather today was as cool as yesterday.  Jennifer, I said, I need to go shopping – I need warm clothes!  Now back home the chances of getting exactly what you want are so limited – I struggle to find clothes that I like – normal, simple, classic styles.  Well, here in England – it must be the land of the classic dresser.  I walked into Marks and Spencer in Aylesbury and could have walked out with the entire shop!   To find just one style of skirt at Woollies at home is a mission – here there were rails of all colours and styles.   All I wanted was a jersey, a long sleeved shirt, leggings and shoes.   I got two jerseys, a long sleeved shirt, leggings and a fleece all within the hour and when I went to the till to pay I got a very pleasant surprise – 20% off the total bill!  To top it all I will be able to claim back the tax too!  The time I took to find these items was worth more than the 88 British pounds spent!


New cardigan and leggings


Shirt and long cardigan

The Hoodie

The Hoodie

The shoes at M&S were not quite what I wanted – Clarks however had just the thing.  I splashed out and I think it was worth it – instant and pure comfort!  See pic above.

Jen was a super star bearing with me as I wondered around excitedly grabbing things off the racks.

Representatives of Jenny and Me

Representatives of Jenny and Me

The fitting rooms were an education.  A lovely young woman scanned in the number of items onto a disk, showed me to a cubicle and said, “just ring if you want anything!”  Oh how posh!

Wondering around the shopping centre was so different to our South African malls. Nothing was familiar – it was all so – uh – so British – well yes – I guess I was in Britain!

Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli – Jewish Prime Minister of England  during Victoria’s Reign – 1804 to 1881


Jen had keys cut at this fascinating cobbler – He would not allow me to photograph him

IMG_9214We returned to Jen’s lovely little house and I had a gourmet sandwich – salmon, ham, salad while she sipped her Ensure drink.  Don’t worry Jen it won’t be long before you are back on normal food!

As you know the light lasts late into the night here.   It was time for sundowners well before sunset and Jen introduced me to a variation on the classic Bellini Cocktail  – a glass of white New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with a dash of peach schnapps.  With this I toasted my grandson’s 16th birthday!

Happy Birthday Jay Boy

Happy Birthday Jay Boy


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