An Adventure Abroad – Sunday at Home

Tonight’s blog will be a short one.  There was no rushing off to see the sights as Nicholas invited friends round for a late lunch.   Nicholas is a wonderful cook and would only let me do the menial chores while he got stuck into the serious business of creating a gourmet dish – roasted chicken portions, yellow rice and raisins, green beans and carrots served with a choice of homemade Satay Sauce, homemade tomato sauce and/or gravy.


Nicola had just entered a gymnastics competition. She won a bronze medal. Well done Nicola!


Jessica is twelve and going through to the finals in an orators’ contest tomorrow. Her subject “Should the world become like the EU” Definitely not she said and has some good points to back up her opinion.


Enjoying the fruits of Nicholas’s labours. The dinner was huge success in spite of frustrating problems with a temperamental oven now fixed – thanks to Guy!

It was really good getting to know these really good friends of Nicholas.  The girls were charming, helpful and beautifully behaved.   Diane and Guy good company making it a really lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Nicholas and I are now preparing to leave for Dover at Midnight.  So perhaps it is time for me to have a cat nap before we go.


One thought on “An Adventure Abroad – Sunday at Home

  1. Mmmmm – lunch sounds like it was good. Hope you and Nic have a great few days in France. Better start polishing up a few French phrases so at least you can order the best coffee on the menu!


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