An Adventure Abroad – Swanning it in Chelsea

It was an early start this morning.  I was up at 7 and after a nice strong cup of Nescafe made expertly by Dick I was ready to make my way to Stoneley Station.  But Dick insisted on driving me so I was in plenty of time for the 8:20 train to Clapham Junction.  My beautiful pregnant niece, Martine and her handsome husband, Craig collected me at the drop and go.   Little Olivia – my gorgeous three-year-old great niece looked me up and down as I settled myself next to her in the back seat.    It took a while – a very short while – before her tongue loosened and we got to know each other.

Bluebird Cafe, Kings Road, Chelsea was our destination and I was treated to a delicious breakfast of Eggs Royale.   It wasn’t raining so we sat outside and enjoyed the vibes of London.   Our Italian waitress asked for our drinks order and when I said black coffee she offered Americana – I don’t want American or British coffee, I said. I am Italian, she replied – I know how you want your coffee and I shall bring you good coffee!   And she did!

Olivia at Bluebird Cafe

Olivia at Bluebird Cafe

I informed Olivia of our relationship and she took it all in with serious consideration.  Is Bumpy (grandpa) your big brother?  Yes.  You’re Aunty Tana.  No, Aunty Tana is my sister.   During the morning she progressed from calling me Aunty Tana to Aunty Telen and finally emphasising the H to Aunty Hhhelen.


Martine, Olivia and Me at Bluebird Cafe

The Italian Waitress who got my coffee right - twice!

The Italian Waitress who got my coffee right – twice!

After breakfast Craig went off to do some things in the area and Martine drove us to a nearby shopping area.  She found a place to park and we walked and popped into shops and I really got the feel of Chelsea.   Little Olivia certainly knows how to shop.  She picked out two bathing costumes – one a blue bikini – the other the cutest pink full piece.  The pink one is for me – my new brother can have the blue one.  She looked at the price – only 20 pounds she guessed.   She can’t read but she was almost spot on.  She wanted to go into every single shop and Mom had to tell her it really wasn’t necessary.   She picked out the best of everything but did not fuss when Mom wouldn’t buy anything.

We browsed around Duke of York Square which is just lovely.   It is light and quiet and removed from the hussle and bussle, has benches and fountains and places to sit and eat in a relaxed atmosphere.  There is also a market next to it where all kinds of exotic foods are sold.

Olivia was thirsty and said Mom get some water for your daughter please.  Water for your daughter.

I spotted the Mary Quant shop and while they went in search of water for the daughter I popped in and popped right out with a smart top – half its normal price!   See if you can spot me wearing it in a later post!


Me in Duke of York Square, Chelsea - with my only ever designer purchase

Me in Duke of York Square, Chelsea – with my only ever designer purchase


Olivia taking a break



Having fun with the fountain


It’s cold and wet

Martine and Craig are based in Spain but are in England for the birth of the new baby.   While here they stay in a flat in Battersea with view over the Thames – How cool is this – there is a helipad nearby and theie comings and goings provide endless entertainment.


View from the Battersea Flat

At the flat I handed over the parcel from ‘Nanny’ –  a treasure trove of baby clothes etc. And some sweeties for Olivia who couldn’t wait to tuck into them!

Thank you Craig and Martine for a very entertaining morning.    How wonderful it was to bond with Olivia.   She is a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her.  All the very best with the new addition – I am sure he is going to bring you just as much joy as your daughter does.

On Monday Nicholas and I are going to take the Ferry to Arras.  This afternoon we went shopping for a few things we will need and to get supplies for a lunch party for friends tomorrow.  I was intrigued to find a mounted policeman.

Policeman on Horseback

Policeman on Horseback

Nicholas has foxes regularly visiting his garden.  I caught a glimpse of one the other evening but it was too dark for a photograph.   He never feeds them as they are a real nuisance but specially for me he thought he’d throw out a bone to see if they would come – not a chance – but some cheeky birds did!


A Jackdaw enjoying roast lamb


A standoff between a gull and a blackbird

I will try to post again tomorrow night – but we aim to get some sleep before getting the ferry at midnight – so perhaps Monday would be more realistic.   Thanks for reading everyone.  Please comment if you can.


2 thoughts on “An Adventure Abroad – Swanning it in Chelsea

  1. thanks Helen. I see you even got the drama queen pose. Its amazing how Livy loves shopping! I also love the Kings Road shops. Its still a bit quaint. Hope your friend is feeling better


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