An Adventure Abroad – Squirrels, Foxes and The Transport Museum

It is going to be a short blog today. Three days exploring the The Great War Battlefields with a brother who knows every detail of it, left me feeling somewhat exhausted so I had a bit of a rest day today – though you wouldn’t say it as I am Blogging past midnight!

My holidays are usually spent in some African Game Reserve but even in the city my eyes are always searching for wild-life.  Today was the first really warm day I have experienced in London. The animals that inhabit Nicholas’s garden thought so too and I was privileged to spot a squirrel scampering about on the lawn before scurrying up a tree.


He found a tasty morsel



The wood pigeons are always in the trees in this lovely English garden.

I only set off to London after 2 o’clock this afternoon, The Transport Museum in Covent Garden being my destination.   The lift/elevator is a time machine and it takes you back to 1800

Back to 1800

Back to 1800

I spent a couple of hours in the past exploring this wonderful museum.   Let the photographs do the talking.

Coach Travel - how exciting it must have been

A Horse-drawn Bus

People in a grand railway coach

People in a grand railway coach



The exhibits were superb and the explanations clear and concise.   If ever you are in London The Transport Museum is a must.

Covent Garden is always an interesting place to visit with its pavement restaurants, markets and entertainment.  I browsed around, bought some gifts and then went to meet Nicholas on the tube.   He cooked a Tappas for dinner and then we went shopping at Tescos – at 11 o’clock at night – The shops stay open 24/7 in this place.

I know there is a fox in the garden and this evening he was kind enough to show himself.  Foxes are not popular with people who share premises with them – do not stand in their droppings nor let your pet roll in it.   The smell is impossible to remove.


This little fox is not unlike our Jackal at home.


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