Back in the Classroom – Creative Expo Day and an Ignition Outing to The Navy

We are really back in the swing of things at my very active school.  Looking back I have a feeling of satisfaction that so much has been accomplished because I never believe there’s enough time!   The week started with a long ‘to do’ list and two big events to get through.   In spite of this we managed to complete all the work planned, fit in an assembly practice and survive the ‘big events’

On Thursday we had our Creative Expo Day.  Visitors shopping for the best school for their youngsters popped into our classrooms to see what sort of creative things we did with the children.  The Grade Ones have learned all about 2D and 3D shapes and so we decided to do something creative around this.  After viewing a PowerPoint presentation on shapes and where we see them in everyday life the children designed a model and then used toothpicks and Jelly Tots to construct a 3D building.   What fun the girls had and how impressive their models turned out to be.   Girl brains do not get the engineering thing quite as easily as boy brains but most of my princesses managed beautifully.   There were one or two who insisted on making pretty shapes in 2D but that’s okay – they’ll get the 3D thing eventually


I wonder how I should design this thing

Totally absorbed in the task

I've done it

I’ve done it

We joined ours together!

We joined ours together!

This morning there was great excitement as it was Outing Day!   Everybody arrived with packed lunch ready and after reading and handwriting we set off to Simonstown.  We call this kind of outing an Ignition Outing the idea being to ignite the children with an idea of what kind of career they might like to enter when they grow up.  The naval officer who was our guide told me that he was inspired to join the navy at a young age when he went on a similar class outing.   We joined our brother class on this outing and it was clear that it was a big hit with the boys.  The girls, however, were also asking questions and thoroughly enjoying the experience although not quite so excited by torpedoes that killed the enemy.

Listening intently to all this new information

Listening intently to all this new information

Looking at a Battle Ship

Looking at a Battle Ship

May I ring the Captain's Bell?  No!

May I ring the Captain’s Bell? No!

It would be fun to be a Navy Diver

It would be fun to be a Navy Diver

The children were allowed to explore the Naval Museum, saw a short video on how a helicopters are used for rescue and got to learn about a variety of things you could work at in the Navy.   Our handsome young naval guide was brilliant with the children and they all went home with a good insight of what the Navy was about.   Thanks to the Moms and Dads who gave up their valuable time to transport us there and back.  We really appreciate it.


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