Back in the Classroom – Pets and Plays

Another very busy week has come and gone with the highlight for the girls  being “Hoofies” on Wednesday followed by a show in the hall – George’s Marvellous Medicine, which was very well presented by The South African Theatre for Youth.

Mixing the Marvellous Medicine

Mixing the Marvellous Medicine


Totally absorbed in the show


Grandma’s Gum Gum Style

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the show but there was also the 3 Rs to learn and they have excelled themselves this week and impressed their teacher with their mastery of doubling and halving, odd and even numbers, writing in feint lines and story creation.

Our theme this term is Pets.  And what a popular topic that is for small children.  I have a class full of animal lovers and they are all keen to tell me all about their pets at home.   We have learned about the different types of pets one can keep – snakes, lizards, birds, mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters and the more conventional cat or dog!   I have tried to impress upon my girls that exotic pets are all very well if you have a licence to keep them.  They understand that not just anybody can keep a monkey or a lion.  They need to have a special reason to keep an animal like that in captivity – for educational, research or conservation reasons.

We have had great discussions on the fun we have with our pets, how much they mean to us and the responsibilities we have towards them.   Here is what some of the girls said about their pets.

“I have a pet hamster and I love him because he crawls up my sleeve and tickles me.”

I have a two cats – one is scared and one is not.  One sleeps on my bed because he likes my blanky!

My pet fish’s name is “Sushi”  (Does that not sound ominous?!)

My puppy took my slipper out of my cupboard!

I love my dogs because they are clumsy!

My puppy is really naughty and very funny because she chews my shoes.

I love my dog but I don’t like picking up his poop!

My mom does not like the hair all over the house.

From their comments on pets it was clear that the girls knew about the pros and cons of pet ownership. There was a lively discussion on this before they drew and wrote about what they liked and didn’t like about owning a pet.

The children took recipes for play dough home and most of them brought the final product to school while one or two others brought the bought version and we had fun modelling animals on Friday after break!   I was super impressed but their creativity.

The little fingers getting into it

The little fingers getting into it

The joy of creating with my own hands

The joy of creating with my own hands

Look at mine

Look at lovely pets

A family of snakes!

A family of snakes!


Look what I made


I am getting into this

Do you like my pets?

Do you like my cat?

This is right up my street

This is right up my street


Can we do this every day?

We do manage to pack a lot into a week and not only do these very young girls work hard at school, they are super keen on their sport too.  My little hockey players were beside themselves when they got to play their first match on Thursday.   Well done girls – I know you played well even though the other team were not “blown up” for faults you know they made!

See you all on Monday!


2 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Pets and Plays

    • Thanks Maryanne – You are too kind. Wouldn’t be able to cope without my wonderful room moms:-)
      Grade 1 teachers have the advantage of being the “first love!”


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