Back in the Classroom – Fun with Music and a visit to Kirstenbosch

The lucky little girls in my class got to have another fun lesson with a GAP student this week.   When I was a little girl the theoretical part of Music was boring and no fun at all.  What a fresh approach this lovely young treacher brought to our classroom.  The girls now know all about walking notes, running notes and slow plodding notes.  They had fun tapping out the beat on rhythm sticks and then listening to differents types of music and interpreting the movement through dance.

An introduction to musical notes

An introduction to musical notes


Using rhythm sticks while reading music


Interpreting the music with dance

Winter is determined to show us its coldest face this year.   I am sure there can’t be any more rain left to fall and can it possibly get any colder.  Rumour has it that there is snow on Table Mountain!   I can’t see it from here but I can certainly feel it in my bones.   Yet I have tough little girls who strip off their fleeces after break and insist on running around bare foot!.  My girls are princesses but very sporty ones!

100% chance of rain was predicted for the day of our outing to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  The other two Grade One classes went the day before and certainly did get a constant downpour.  The Botanical Gardens in the rain?  Well yes – but not outdoors and even though it did not actually rain our our day we were presented with the same programme.  It was just too cold and muddy to go tramping through the Gardens and the Forest area that they usually show us.

Instead  the boys and girls had their lessons and walk about in the conservatory. The three wonderful ladies who were our teacher/guides taught them how the indigenous people and early settlers found veld plants and used them food, medicine and freshening their homes.   They were fascinated to hear that Buchu was used for healing scratches and stings and that there were several types of aromatic Pelargonium which could be used to flavour food or used to freshen clothes in the wardrobe.  The children shared their knowledge of ‘sour flowers’ and were warned not to eat anything in the veld unless an adult told them it was safe to do so.

The puppet show about Monty the Mongoose was a definite highlight and after that they were divided into three groups and shown around the conservatory.

The Puppet Show

The Puppet Show


Feeling fleshy leaves

Feeling fleshy leaves



Checking off the plants they found

Checking off the plants they found

It was a fantastic outing and the children learned so many new things in a fun and exciting way.  Well done to the Kirstenbosch Ladies – in spite of the weather they got it just right!


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