Back in the Classroom – A Good Start to Term Four

I can hardly take in that the final term is already upon us.  And it is such a short and busy one too.  All too soon I will be bidding my little princesses farewell as they shoot up to Grade Two!

They have come such a long way since that first exciting day and what a pleasure to see how ready they are for more advanced work.   The plan is to have lots of fun with the Dr Seus stories and one of their first activities was to draw their favourite scene from The Grinch.

Drawing scenes from The Grinch

Drawing scenes from The Grinch

Starting new Maths Cards was a challenge that they rose to with enthusiasm.  Some of those tasks were pretty tricky!

You can't catch me out, Mrs F.

You can’t catch me out – I know all the answers

The girls could tell me all about email and the internet but some of them were not too sure what  postage stamp was or how ‘snail mail’ actually worked. So we designed our own stamps and created post cards with street addresses on them which they thoroughly enjoyed!

Creating a beautiful post card

Creating a beautiful post card

Of course their favourite subject is Information Technology and up until now they have been having lots of fun learning core skills while playing fun games.  This week for the first time they learned how to browse the internet!   Our upcoming outing will be to Rondevlei and the girls got to find the nature reserve’s webpage and researched what they were likely to see there!


I’m not too sure what to do right now


This is how to scroll through the images


Just a second – I’ll show you what to do

Birthdays are such huge events in a young lady’s life.   At our school the children wear ‘civvies’ on their special day so that everyone knows to wish them.   On Friday there was great excitement when one of the moms (who is also a teacher at the school) came in bearing a tray of cupcakes, lit up with candles.

The girls all broke into the birthday song

The girls all broke into the birthday song

Just look at the delight on that face

Just look at the delight on that face

After all that excitement the girls settled down to their tasks before we took a break to eat the delicious treats.

We are all looking forward to a happy, hard-working last term.   It promises to be filled with plenty of new and fun experiences.


5 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – A Good Start to Term Four

  1. Now I want a cup cake too.. How time flys by, another year nearly gone… But a least next year you get a whole room of new ones….


  2. I walked into the room just now and saw Linda making a comment on your post, and wondered why I had not received the notice of your post… I go and look and you have disappeared from my list.. would love to know how this happens… any way, I enjoyed this post and I see Linda has got in before me… it must be quite rewarding when each year you get a new bunch of faces.. and know by the time the leave you, they have learnt something from you… I still remember every teacher I had in the junior school days as they were always keen to work our little brains… the ones in Senior years I can only remember the ones who beat my bum… at varsity I struggle to remember any of them except the one who gave us mathematics… Mr Levie… he was too clever for us, but it was from that I was determined to win, which I did with an honours pass in my final year… I wonder how many kids remember you all these years later…?


    • Teaching is not just a job, it’s a passion. You can’t help bonding with the little people and yes – they do remember us. It’s great running into them when they’re all grown up and scary when you get their kids in your class!


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