False Bay Ecology Park – A Sunday Afternoon Excursion

Having spent the day indulging in urban activities yesterday, I had to catch up on some school preparation this morning.   However, who can work when the south easter has dropped and the sun is shining brightly.  Unable to resist the call, I grabbed the only other human left at home and kicking and screaming forced him to go birding with me!  He was supposed to have gone to a braai with his mom and brother but somewhere along the way managed to get himself left in front of the computer. Grandpa was fishing so he just had to do!

Every Cape Tonian and his brother were out enjoying the sunshine so we fought the traffic through Kalk Bay and Muizenberg and found ourselves at False Bay Ecology Park just after 3:00 p.m.    We were warned at the gate that on such a sunny day the Cape Cobras were about so please to be careful!

It was a picture perfect day.  Greater Flamingos were abundant and graced every pond.  The black-necked grebe outnumbered the dabchicks and all kinds of different ducks swam about gaily.

Black Necked Grebe

Black Necked Grebe

Hartlaub's Gulls

Hartlaub’s Gulls


Glossy Ibis



Mr and Mrs Cape Shoveller


Greater Flamingos


Pink is in

African Black Oyster Catcher

African Black Oyster Catcher



We spent a good two hours exploring the park and Josh impressed me with his excellent birding knowledge gained from the recent beginner’s course he attended.   We spotted the Spotted Eagle Owl in his usual spot and a black crowned night heron flew out of the reeds and away from us.  But I needed to see the beautiful Purple Swamphen. He obliged by coming out just before we were about to say our goodbyes!

Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl

Purple Swamphen

Purple Swamphen


Our Fishing Grandpa was successful at sea so it was sushimi and salad for supper – a perfect end to a glorous day!


7 thoughts on “False Bay Ecology Park – A Sunday Afternoon Excursion

  1. I love the bird photos you capture… one of my greatest wishes is to capture flamingos in flight… just struggle to find them in sufficient numbers…


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