Back in the Classroom – A Creative Christmas Week

All this week I have been striving to keep the routine as normal as possible – difficult when you have to take in the reading books and start sending home exercise books and artwork – a clear indication to the little ones that the year is fast drawing to a close.   To soften the blow we have stopped working in exercise books and instead concentrated on Educational and Creative Christmas activities.   The girls have enjoyed the cutting and sticking, dot to dots,fun sums, word searches, crosswords and creative writing that we have done in various forms.

Of course the Grinch who tried to steal Christmas has continued to be our focus.



The Grinch Pops out of the page


A very good interpretation

Stunning Santas

Stunning Santas


I really don’t like this time of the year.  It’s not that it’s the silly season – it’s the approaching parting of ways that is so hard.   Of course the children must move on and there is another class waiting to be welcomed but somehow that doesn’t make it easier.  The emotions are just there! The children are excited about next year but at the same time anxious about leaving what they know and it is my job to reassure them that all will be well when what I really want to say is – Don’t leave me Angels – and some dark part inside me says – the new teacher won’t love you as much as I do.  But of course that’s not true – she will and my angels will continue to grow and I will start again with a new lot!

When I look at this  photograph I felt so enormously proud – look at them engrossed in their books. That is what teaching Grade One is all about – they come illiterate and leave reading and loving books.   They have learned the most important skill necessary for further learning.  They have learned to READ!


A class full of readers


Enjoying the process


Deep into the stories

On Wednesday I will do my last Back in the Classroom Blog of the year.   I look forward to seeing all my parents at the Awards Ceremony on Monday.     Your little ones will make your proud!


6 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – A Creative Christmas Week

  1. Ah the moving on is the talk of the house hold at my daughters, with the two grand kids moving to new teachers and which of their present friends are going to be in the same class with them next year and who aren’t… there seems to be a portion of excitement, but I must say the bigger portion seems to be the not wanting to leave their present teachers… so I wonder how many of your class would rather stay with you than move on… probably all of them.. at that age the unknown can be far more traumatic than the safety of the present…


    • Yes indeed! More so in Grade One as it has been a BIG year – but they do cope so beautifully and always return to tell their First Teacher all about it. And I believe that First Love never dies. Teaching is a very ego-boosting job!


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