Back in the Classroom – Awards Ceremony and Last Day of Term

Monday dawned and the count down to the end of term began.   I was to spend less than an hour with my girls before an intermediate phase colleague took over while I went to the hall to attend the Foundation Phase Awards Ceremony.   My angels would be called in at the appropriate time to receive their awards.   It is an emotional time.   As the children file up onto the stage the pre-recorded voices of their teachers plays over the system.  She/he tells of the years events and experiences and it can be quite tear jerking.   This year I had a sentence or two to say about each child in the class.  It is quite weird to hear your own voice as you present your learners with their pack of certificates.  We are all dressed in our best bib and tucker, exposed to the scrutiny of the entire Foundation Phase Parent Body!  Hopefully they like what the hear and see!

Presenting the awards to one of the angels

Presenting the awards to one of the angels

The proud angels

The proud angels

Here is a copy of my voice over.

My precious girls – can you remember that first exciting day of Big School?  Some of you came in with great confidence and enthusiasm – school was irresistible from the start.

A few were a little more suspecting – I could see in your little eyes that you were wondering what you were letting yourselves in for but you were going to give it a go.

One or two were just terrified and didn’t want to let go of Mom or Dad’s hand.   We even had a few tears and a couple of rather loud screams.   But look at you now.  All grown up and ready for Grade 2.

What a diverse class of characters you have been.  You have all crept into my heart and it is with great difficulty that I am letting you go to your Grade 2 teacher.

Zayaan my quietly confident angel, who presents such beautiful work. You go girl

Kendra who seems to be dreaming but always has the right answer. I will miss you.

Sienna full of impatient curiosity making sure I don’t forget anything.  What will I do without you.

Meaka your indomitable spirit is an inspiration to me.  I am proud of you.

Rachel I will miss you bouncing into the classroom and keeping me on my toes.

Martha my precious, gentle girl who has worked so very hard, you are irresistible,

Iris my articulate and creative girl I will miss those beautifully intricate drawings of yours.

Pippa your sparkle and determination to succeed is awesome.

Delightful Lia articulate in two languages, you make me proud.

Gabriella my Nature Girl – we are kindred spirits.

Phillipa your determination and perseverance have helped you overcome so much – well done my girl.

Maya breezing in daily with your incredible ideas –  you amaze me.

Hayley, fit and fast and full of potential I will miss you.

Leah with your infectious laugh and zest for fun – you always make me smile.

Caroline, my deep thinking, philanthropic girl, thank you for being a kind friend to the others girls.

Gentle Kiana as good as gold, you have worked so beautifully;  go well my girl.

Beautiful Terima, so thoughtful and creative, with your own special approach to life, you have delighted me.

Feisty Kayla – you  may be small but you have a mighty spirit and I am so proud of the strides you have made in your personal growth this year.

Gentle Jade with the sparkling eyes, your calmness inspires sanity in me.

Fedeilis, you are a special girl.  Your determination to succeed has made me proud.

Dynamic Desire – you have a strong character which will take you far – I am super proud of you.

Charley – everybody’s friend – hardly a day went by without you greeting me with a four. You are truly inspirational.

Gentle Jocelyn you have crept right out of your shell and I will miss those special moments with you.

Tarryn my special girl – Thank you for helping me teach the girls their Afrikaans gediggies – you are a treasure.

Madison my clever girl, I will miss your beautiful work, your quiet smile and gentle spirit.  You make me proud.

Isabella – wow – so full of energy and lightening on the race track –  but controlled and determined in the classroom – you’you’ve come so far my girl.

Gina your batteries are constantly charged, you are full of good ideas and you have are always ready for action.  Keep it up my angel.

Morgan you do not miss a beat and if I do, I have to contend with that awesome stare – You are a loyal friend and determined worker.  Keep it up my girl.

Dynamite comes in small packages, Gemma your energy is infectious, you have all the answers and I would not even try to keep you down.  I am super proud of you.

And last but by no means least – Precious Emma – you are tiny and still but full of inner strength.  What strides you have made this year.  You blasted off slowly but have raced to the target.  Well done beautiful girl.

And so you have come to the end of your very first year in Big School. You have bonded and blended in.  You have added your mark to the SVPS family and I know you will continue to find school irresistible.

Remember you are fabulous.    Girl Power to you all.

The girls had a day off on Tuesday when the Intermediate Phase has their awards ceremony and the Foundation Phase teachers took care of the older children – Quite a different experience. I had Grade  4 and they were great, if a little impatient to get up on that stage.   They were the last to be called and were super excited when they came out and then it was time to go home.

On Tuesday evening we had our Grade 7 valedictory.   How beautiful all our young leaders looked as they were allowed to come in smart clothes instead of uniform.  It was an emotionally charged ceremony as we watched a pre-recorded interview with a past pupil who had risen up from dire circumstances, come to our school from a war torn African country, worked hard and excelled and finally emigrated to the USA with his adopted family and is now highly successful in the Military.   His message was heart-warming and inspiring.

On Wednesday it was the last day and the final farewell to our classes.  My girls are all going up to the same Grade 2 teacher and they are thrilled about that.  Once again the teacher was spoilt when the girls presented her with the most charming end of year gifts.  But what touched me the most were the messages both from the girls and the parents.   Those little accolades of appreciation mean so much.  Parents it has been a privilege and pleasure teaching your girls.  Thank you for your support throughout the year.


Cup cakes for the picnic


Just love this message


They know I like pretty things!


To pamper and spoil


Thanks Gina for the party packs!


And for spoiling the teacher


My girls really know what I like!


mmm Chocolate is an essential food group for teachers

Our final excitement was a teddy bear’s picnic.  I brought paddington bear to school and showed them the story on Youtube.  We played the music of The Teddy Bear’s Picnic and we feasted, danced and shared stories about our own bears.


A bear as big as me


I love my bears


An armful to cuddle


There was long story to this one


See them gaily gad about


As the picnic on their holiday


Room assistant Carol brough her bear too!


Mine hangs out with me


Birthday girl enjoys two bears


They’re my friends


Enjoying a story with our cuddly friends


So many bears so much fun




Bush Baby


I couldn’t leave one behind


I had to choose just one

And when the sugar high kicked in the parents arrived to collect the girls.  Not my favourite day of the year – but we must all move on.  I shall miss you my precious girls. Go well in Grade 2.

Thanks to my wonderful Grade 1 colleagues for a fabulous year.  You all keep me inspired – I love you guys!

My Fabulous Colleagues Bridgette, Lisa, Monique and Me

My Fabulous Colleagues Bridgette, Lisa, Monique and Me


4 thoughts on “Back in the Classroom – Awards Ceremony and Last Day of Term

  1. *wipes tears* Thank you Helen for an AMAZING year, your little angels adore you so much. I can’t imagine having a more loving, giving and more inspiring teacher for Sienna – she has grown so much under your care and guidance and, of course your fabulous adventurous spirit!! Best of luck and enjoy every second of Oz. We miss you already xxxx


  2. What an amazing tribute to a good year… remember these kids received a great grounding from you… well done… I stand in awe of teachers dedication to their responsibility, and I stand in awe of your dedication… the country thanks people like you…


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