Australian Adventure – Day 10 – Delayed at Melbourne Airport

We woke to a lovely morning and Earl made us a scrumptious breakfast – fruit and yogurt to start followed by fried egg, mushrooms tomato, bacon and banana.


The not so naked chef serving breakfast

We left at 8 to drive to Melbourne where we were to get our flight to Hobart.  Just as we were craving a coffee and loo break a sign on the freeway indicated that truckers and others could slip off for a quick espresso. What a surprise – just a van with an electric outlet and fabulous coffee and food on offer – what a good idea. The owner’s dog was an extra attraction – he lay quietly waiting for unsuspecting guests then asked for his ‘ball’ to be thrown to him!


The Van Coffee Shop



Note the picnic table in the background – with Barbie facility

The Dog

The Dog

Of course I couldn't miss a bird photo - This is a butcher bird

Of course I couldn’t miss a bird photo – This is a butcher bird

We were in good time for our flight (1 p.m.) and tried to check in but were told we’d have to wait till 2:30 as our flight was only at 4:30.  No problem – we had ham and rolls we made from our left overs and each other for company but – horror – no chairs or benches on which to sit – until you checked through! NOT very friendly we thought. So we sat on our suitcases and ate our lunch.  To add injury to insult when we did finally check in we were told our flight had been cancelled!   What! – the next one would be at 6:30! -We could have used the time to explore Melbourne had we been informed earlier!   And they hadn’t even changed the notification from the board.

Well we finally arrived in beautiful Hobart, waited ages for the luggage to be offloaded, got our hire car – a red Golf – and with a difficulty found our accommodation – very posh with a fabulous view but all in one room!   It was late so we ordered room service.  Fettuccini with creamy mushroom and bacon sauce.   And they only brought after I’d repeated the order four times!   Anyway – it was an adventure – and things could have been worse.


The Bridge


The View from our window

2 thoughts on “Australian Adventure – Day 10 – Delayed at Melbourne Airport

  1. Yes those Vans selling coffee are all over when you take a long trip by road The Ozzies say you have to stop to have a break so they have them there. Hobart was lovely we drove right around the whole of the place and also love every Town we got to. Hope not too cold as it can freeze there. Stay well and enjoy. Hope you go to Cradle Mountain pretty there. Was freezing at night


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